Laurel’s pop culture artist Sean “Star Wars” featured at JCJC

Written By: Teresa Martin
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ELLISVILLE – It’s unique and relative to those who see the woodcut prints of Sean Stewart, otherwise known as Sean “Star Wars”. His love of the movie franchise “Star Wars” and other pop culture icons like Mt. Dew and Pac Man are evident in his artwork, which is on display at Jones County Junior College’s Eula Bass Lewis art gallery through February 22. The Laurel artist shared his thoughts and inspiration about the use of the George Lucas movie “Star Wars” at a reception hosted at JCJC. He explained the movie release of “Star Wars” was a symbol of a great time in his childhood when things were very different in the world. 
“In 1977 when ‘Star Wars’ debuted, we all anticipated the release and we all shared in the thrill of this space fantasy. It was a collective experience with all of my friends and everyone across the world. It was a thrilling time,” said Star Wars the artist. 
That’s partly why iconic pieces, like the space blaster guns of the times and phrases like, “Rebel Scum” appear in his artwork. He also admits they are just fun to draw as a wood cut print!
“I enjoy carving, not drawing so I draw what’s easy. I like the shapes of guns. Wood carving adds the texture to my work, giving it dimension,” said the former New Orleans resident and Virginia Beach native.
Taylorsville freshmen, Addie Keyes said she likes the gun drawings and the custom culture Van tennis shoes picture. 
“His artwork is out there! But it also makes you wonder what he’s thinking because he uses a lot of things you see every day.”
Inspired by artist Neil Bender and skateboarder and artist, Chris Miller, you won’t be able to escape the interesting style and use of images in Star Wars’ work. The Heidelberg High school instructor explained the reason he got into art is because he began drawing on his skateboard. Some of the common themes in Star Wars’ work is animals. Top-hat wearing turtles carrying luggage to singing snakes are depicted in whimsical scenes or as he describes, “Just plain, silly and goofy situations. I realized there are not a lot of images of Cobras so I decided to put them in unusual settings, like on stage singing.”
The use of bright color paper makes the interesting images pop off the paper and it helped him gain notoriety as a result. Star Wars explained he just loves the lively colors and that’s the only reason why he uses the vibrant paper. A collage of more than one-hundred of his woodcut prints are hanging in massive collages on three of the walls in the JCJC art gallery. 
He reminded aspiring artists at the JCJC reception, “Art is very important in my life but you have to make choices so you can grow as an artist. The most important thing you need to do is spend time in front of your work. You’ve got to make time for art because you are the only one who will truly care about your art.”
The free display of the work is open to the public and can be viewed from Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. through 3 p.m., and Fridays, 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. For more information call 601-477-4148.


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