JCJC math department receives first Board of Trustee commendation

Written By: Teresa Martin
Email Address: teresa.martin@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2012-12-07 10:40:19

ELLISVILLE - The JCJC Board of Trustees officially commended the JCJC math department with a special Board Resolution of Commendation for its exceptional efforts this fall in implementing the Bobcat Math League. This was the first time the Board formally recognized an entire department for its unique efforts in education. The resolution states:

Whereas, Jones County Junior College benefited from the mathematics division’s efforts in the first inaugural Bobcat Math League, and whereas, the mathematics division individually and collectively represented the college in an exemplary manner, and      whereas, we, as members of Jones County Junior College Board of Trustees officially extend our utmost appreciation and commendation for the work of the mathematics division, now therefore be it resolved, that the Jones County Junior College Board of Trustees recognizes and appreciates the service of the Jones mathematics division.”

Math Division Chair, Corey Jones, along with Commissioner of the new Bobcat Math League, Jessica Bunch, and all of the math instructors made weekly visits to 20 schools in the Pine Belt as they competed for six weeks, just like an athletic program. The JCJC math faculty acted as referees over the weekly matches as the high school student mathletes tried to earn a spot in the Super Bowl of Math. The top five teams and three wild card teams competed in two, day-long competitions until the best math team and program in the state was decided.
Bunch said, “The mission of the Bobcat Math League is to inspire students to improve their math skills and to improve math scores in the region. I think we’ve definitely created an interest because more teams from the Pine Belt have already committed to being a part of the League next fall.” 

The League competition also recognized regular season League high-scorers and awarded the top two winning teams and the teachers with cash and prizes. This year, with the help of Laurel realtor and Bobcat Math League supporter, Chris Wilson, private donations from individuals and community businesses, raised thousands of dollars to furnish more cash prizes to more students in the competition than in the previous one-day Math Bowls hosted by the college. Creating a long-term math competition on this level has not been done previously in Mississippi. 


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