JCJC students choose class leaders

Written By: Teresa Martin
Email Address: teresa.martin@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2012-11-30 12:09:42

ELLISVILLE – Jones County Junior College students recently elected a president to represent each class within the Student Government Association. The sophomores chose Taylorsville’s Justin Booth and the freshmen class elected Dylan Dobbs of Sumrall.
Booth is majoring in pre-medicine and health care administration with aspirations of becoming a hospital administrator. The Bobcat football player said he wanted to serve his classmates and show everyone athletes can be more involved in other activities on campus. He’s already proved to be a leader by becoming the first football player to be chosen to be an Ambassador for the college. 
“I also wanted to show other athletes they can be a leader on and off the field,” said Booth.
Freshmen class president, Dylan Dobbs also has his roots in athletics as a former baseball player for the Sumrall Bobcats and is a current JCJC football manager. He is also continuing a family tradition of sorts.
“My sister, Allie Porter was the SGA president in 2009 and we’re a little competitive,” said Dobbs. “My goal is similar to hers in that I want to be involved in school activities and represent the interests of Jones students."
The Student Government Association is led overall by President DePaul Foxworth of Columbia, VP Maken McAlpin of Stringer and Secretary Marlee Mood of Benton. Together, with the other members of SGA, they will be guiding the entire student body with the purpose of getting all students involved in activities outside the classroom. DePaul said he recognized the benefits of getting involved in school activities while in high school. 
“One of the biggest benefits is meeting people and statistically, when students get involved, their grades are better and they are more focused,” said Foxworth.
The SGA plays an active role in the college’s growth and campus experience. It acts as the communication link between the student body and the administration, and is the “voice of the students.” The top three officers were selected by the student body in a campus-wide election in the spring. Sonya Davis serves as sponsor of the student organization and can be contacted at 601-477-4229 for more information.


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