Division leaders decided; play-offs begin in JCJC’s Bobcat Math League

Written By: Teresa Martin
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ELLISVILLE – After six weeks of competition, the five division winners are locked in and ready to compete in the Super Bowl of the Jones County Junior College Bobcat Math League. Richton, Stringer and Presbyterian Christian School remain division leaders with their perfect 6-0 records. Also qualifying, by virtue of head-to-head tiebreakers are Quitman and Seminary. All five of these teams will face each other at the “Super Bowl” of Math competitions, Thursday, November 15, in the JCJC Fine Arts Auditorium, beginning at 8 a.m. 

Also participating in the Super Bowl will be wild card teams Lawrence County and South Jones High Schools. They earned these positions by producing the highest cumulative points during the regular season, even though they didn’t carry their division. The public is invited to watch the “Super Bowl” and cheer on their home team, at this free event.  

Making the All-League Team is: Nathan Lin-PCS, Ahran Jo-PCS, Jesse Parkman-Lawrence County, Ethan Keys-Seminary, Alex Nocera-PCS, and Mary Lott-Seminary. Members of the All-League Team will be recognized at the Super Bowl, and Nathan Lin will receive a prize as a way of recognizing him for being the Most Outstanding Player in the Regular Season.

All thirteen teams that failed to qualify during the regular season, and four teams that did not participate during the regular season, will get a chance to compete for the last wild card spot in the super bowl as they battle it out in the “Shoot-out match” on Wednesday, November 7, at JCJC’s Stringer-Huff Math building, beginning at 8 a.m.

Teams looking for another opportunity to earn the remaining spot and competing on November 7 are: Bay Springs, Sylva Bay, Heidelberg, Taylorsville, Raleigh, Mize, Laurel, Perry Central, Mt. Olive, Collins, Wayne County, Northeast Jones and West Jones. Also entering the field of competition on November, 7 will be: Enterprise, Greene County, Sacred Heart and Wayne Academy. These newcomers to the League will be duking-it out for the first time in the Shoot-Out match. 

Looking at the last week of the regular season action, in the Einstein Division, Quitman’s 4-2 record and 301 points allowed them to take first place in its division. They beat Heidelberg 57-43 in the final match of the season. Heidelberg is 1-5 with 268 points. Bay Springs managed to escape defeat over Sylva Bay 45-42 and hold onto second place in the division. The Bulldogs are 4-2 with 289 points over the Saints 3-3 record and 287 points. 

In the Euclid division, Stringer easily routed Raleigh 70-56. Raleigh remains in third place with 346 points but it has a 2-4 record, compared to Taylorsville’s 328 points and 4-2 record. The Tartars “tore-up” the Mize Bulldogs 53-42. Mize leaves the season as the only team unable to win a match with 269 cumulative points.

Richton was crowned Fibonacci division winners as they pounded Perry Central 61-42. The Rebels scored 382 points overall to the Bulldogs 282 points and 1-5 record. South Jones outscored Laurel 55-42 and managed to secure a wild card spot in the playoffs with 372 points and a 4-2 record. The Tornadoes are 1-5 with 306 points. 

Seminary crushed Collins 74-43, securing the Newton division win and bumping Lawrence County out of the top spot by earning more points. The Bulldogs are 5-1 with 408 points to the Tigers 1-5 record and 258 points. The Lawrence County Cougars massacred the Mt. Olive Pirates 69-46 and succeeded in getting a wild card slot in the playoffs.

Pythagoras division winners, Presbyterian Christian are locked in as the top seed after pulverizing Wayne County 75-57, and ending the season, perfectly. The War Eagles held on to second place with 367 points to PCS’s 459 points. Wayne County, Northeast and West Jones all end the season with a 2-4 record. Northeast Jones whipped Jones County rival, West Jones 54-46. The Tigers finish with 362 points to the Mustang’s 340 points.

 JCJC 2012 Bobcat Math League                                                                                                                 
Week 6 Results (Winners bold caps)          
Visitors                                   Home______________
BAY SPRINGS         45        Sylva Bay                    42
QUITMAN                57        Heidelberg                  43
Mize                         42        TAYLORSVILLE          53       
STRINGER               70        Raleigh                       56
Laurel                       42        SOUTH JONES           55
RICHTON                 61        Perry Central              42
Collins                      43         SEMINARY                74       
LAWRENCE CO        69         Mt. Olive                    46       
NE JONES                54        West Jones                 46
Wayne Co                 57        PCS                           75       
Teams qualifying for playoffs
PCS                 Division winner
Lawrence Co    Wild Card
Stringer           Division winner
Seminary         Division winner
Richton            Division winner                                              
South Jones     Wild Card
Quitman          Division winner          
Most Outstanding Player:
Nathan Lin-PCS                                                                                            
All-League Team______________
Nathan Lin-PCS 
Ahran Jo-PCS   
Jesse Parkman-Lawrence
Ethan Keys-Seminary 
Alex Nocera-PCS                                                                                  
Mary Lott-Seminary       
Remaining schedule
“Shootout” Wed Nov. 7, to determine 8th and final playoff team among teams not already qualified.      

Playoffs/Math Super Bowl Nov. 15, with 8 qualifying teams.
Einstein          W        L         Pct       CP                                          
z*-Quitman     4          2        0.667   301
Bay Springs     4          2          0.667    289
Sylva Bay        3          3          0.500   287
Heidelberg      1          5          0.167   268
Euclid             W        L         Pct       CP                  
z-Stringer        6          0          1.000   423
Taylorsville      4          2          0.667   328
Raleigh            2          4          0.333   346
Mize                0          6          0.000   269
Fibonacci        W        L         Pct       CP
z-Richton        6          0          1.000   382
South Jones     4          2          0.667   372
Laurel             1          5          0.167   306
Perry Central   1          5          0.167   282
Newton           W        L         Pct       CP
z*-Seminary    5          1          0.833   408
Lawrence Co   5          1          0.833   427
Mount Olive    1          5          0.167   270
Collins             1          5          0.167   258
Pythagoras     W        L         Pct       CP
z-PCS             6        0         1.000   459                                                                                                     
Wayne Co       2         4         0.333   367
NE Jones         2        4         0.333   362                                                                                                                 
West Jones      2         4         0.333   340
z - Division Winner                                                                                                                                                   
z* - Won division by head-to-head tiebreaker                                                                                                                                                                             


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