BOOKSTORE UPDATE - Electrical Fire at Neill Student Center with Update

Written By: Marlo Dorsey
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Date Submitted: 2012-08-13 13:30:43

ELLISVILLE - Bookstore Update: The JCJC Bookstore will open at 8 AM on Tuesday for students. Students whose classes using eBooks should check their email for access and instructions.

ELLISVILLE - At 4:15 pm today, the Neill Student Center took a direct lightning strike resulting in an electrical fire in a mechanical room.  

Emergency personnel from the Ellisville Fire Department extinguished the fire.

No one was injured, and no other buildings were affected.  

The main breaker to C.L. Neill was damaged. The college is in the process of securing generators with the intent of having power restored within the next few days. 
Information regarding any possible delays in the bookstore will be made available no later than next Monday, August 13.  

Due to the loss of electricity caused by the lightning strike, the Bookstore is closed for operations. Students can continue to check and your Jones Email for further updates concerning the Bookstore.

The cafeteria is closed to the public until at least next Wednesday, August 15.  
All other campus operations will continue as scheduled. 
Additional updates will be provided as they become available.


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