New services offered through JCJC’s Student Success Center

Written By: Teresa Martin
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Date Submitted: 2012-07-31 14:22:42

ELLISVILLE – Jones County Junior College opened the Student Success Center within the library in 2010, offering students a “one-stop” information clearing house and support for students.   This fall, students will be able to enjoy a few new services under the leadership of Student Success Center Director, Andrew Sharp.
“I want to make sure students have access to the tools they will need to be successful in their fields of study and their success is our top priority!” said Sharp who has worked in various roles in the library since 1996.
The SSC has been structured to include the Recruiting Department led by Kathryn Davis, the Counseling Center and nontraditional student services under the direction of Dr. Diane Williams, the Library and Media Services with Julie Atwood as director and the Athletic Academic Services is coordinated by Cynthia Bush.
“These departments were designed to work with students to help define, clarify and help students achieve academic, personal and professional goals,” said Sharp.
With the promotion of Diane Williams, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, NSCS from Director and counselor of the Nontraditional Student Success Center to Director of Counseling Center and Nontraditional Student Services, a new “non-trad” center will be located within the library, providing the same services as previously.  The former sub shop in the library is being renovated to provide a new ‘home’ for Nontraditional Student Services and that growing student population by the spring semester. 
“My overall goal for the Counseling Center and Nontraditional Student Services is to embrace change, identify needs, and implement effective customized services for students from all walks of life. Encouragement and social support are important constructs that foster student success and persistence in higher education. In the Counseling Center, professional counselors are available to assist students as they reflect, set goals, and make positive choices that contribute to academic success and holistic wellness across the lifespan. We want to develop positive, trusting relationships with students to better serve them. We work for our students!” said Williams.
Jones’ approximately 150 athletes will benefit from a new service with the creation of Athletic Academic Services and Cynthia Bush will be coordinating the effort. She, and assistant basketball coach Danetra Forrest, assistant football coach David Thornton and assistant softball coach Bob Herrington will make sure athletes are successful academically as well as athletically. 
“We’re focusing on the individual athletes’ academic progress, ensuring they graduate in a timely manner,” said Sharp. “Most of the student athletes are able to juggle practices and games on the road while also keeping their grades in check. Now we’re equipping them with an academic counselor to oversee their progress, making sure they are on track,” said Sharp.  
Another new service all students and faculty can enjoy was announced by the new director of library and media services, Julie Atwood. She said students will now be able to enjoy checking out E-books and educational video’s online through the library’s web page, .  Books are downloadable from the company, OverDrive to a desktop pc, mac, kindle, eReader, Nook, smartphone and other electronic devices. 
“At a time when more of our instructors are converting from traditional textbooks to E-books to be used in their classes, it is a great time for us to offer more of our collection in the form of E-books also.  Students are adept at using a variety of technological devices for their informational needs, and this will allow our library an opportunity to present information in a format that is convenient for the user,” said Atwood.

Videos through “Films on Demand” will allow instructors and students to create playlists, choose segments of videos for viewing, and much more. The content of these videos cover a wide range of subject areas and should be applicable in almost any classroom on campus.
“The usage of this technology could truly revolutionize the way that video technology is used within the classroom at Jones County Junior College,” stated Atwood.

Both of these services will be available this fall.

“We are very happy to offer these new services.  Not only will this further enhance the learning process for our traditional students, but it will also increase what we can offer for our online and off campus students that has not been available heretofore,” Atwood commented.
Prospective students looking for a tour of the college or advice about Jones will find the Office of Recruitment on the second floor of the library. In its second year, this department has aggressively sought after students to be a part of the ‘Bobcat Nation’ through the personal orientation sessions, “Jones Up Close”. Davis said she envisions her team building on their successful first year. 
“The goal of the Office of Recruitment is to provide a person of contact for each individual prospective student to help with admissions, financial aid, scholarships, scheduling classes and any other service needed to
make the transition from high school to college a successful one,” said Davis.
For more information about these new services call the Student Success Center at 601- 477- 4257; the Counseling Center at 601- 477- 4257; Library and Media Services at 601- 477- 4055 and the Office of Recruitment at 601- 477-4116.


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