JCJC’s ‘Bonus Bucks’ Rebate Program Offsets Rising Tuition Costs

Written By: Marlo Dorsey
Email Address: marlo.dorsey@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2012-07-09 11:36:16

 ELLISVILLE – Jones County Junior College has a new financial incentive for students who pay their tuition and fees by August 1.  The new rebate program, called “Bonus Bucks”, awards students a 10% bonus to their individual accounts.


The incentive system was designed to help offset rising costs including those associated with a college education. 


 “Items are more expensive than they have been in the past for our students outside the scope of having to pay for college.  That’s why we strive to keep our tuition and other costs low to maximize our students’ ability to afford a college education,” said Dr. Jesse Smith, JCJC President.  


Mississippi’s community colleges are a fraction of the cost of their university counterparts, making them an affordable and convenient choice for approximately 80,000 individuals each year.

According to the CPI (consumer price index) posted with the Bureau of Labor, inflation has risen 16% since 2004.  During the same time, a massive amount of change on the federal level has effected financial aid funding; making colleges more dependent on tuition dollars than ever before to meet budget needs. 

“We understand that the fastest way to a full economic and sustainable recovery is to educate more of our citizens.  As we increase tuition, we also have to be creative in how we impact families that need us most.  This rebate program can assist individuals and families that must pay out-of-pocket expenses by offsetting the price of books, gas, and any other thing related to the costs of attaining a college degree,” said Smith.


Approximately 65% of current students at the college receive some level of federal assistance in the form of Pell grants according to the JCJC financial aid office.

For fall 2012, Jones students will see a $50.00 tuition increase from $1,074 to $1,124, which is approximately 4%. Using the early payment incentive, students can expect a net decrease in tuition costs at Jones. 

The Jones OneCard student ID, launched in fall 2008, provides convenient student solutions including access to prepaid spending accounts like Bobcat Bucks and the new incentive fund, Bonus Bucks.


 “Every student receives the ‘OneCard’ when they enroll at Jones.  Among other things, this card gives them buying power on and off campus in the form of flexible, prepaid spending.  At this time, we have 18 participating vendors off campus and a host of campus services that accept our OneCard,” said Candi Smith, Director of OneCard Services. 

All payments received by August 1st will qualify with ten percent appearing in the form of a rebate on students' OneCard on the first day of class.  OneCard balances are available to students by logging into the Jones Blackboard. Financial aid payments and scholarships are not eligible for Bonus Bucks.  Also, Bonus Bucks are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

Fall classes begin August 15. For more information about the tuition rebate program, visit 


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