JCJC preschool students celebrate 100 days

Written By: Teresa Martin
Email Address: teresa.martin@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2012-02-17 14:38:10

ELLISVILLE – Instead of celebrating 100 years at Jones County Junior College, the daycare and Early Childhood Education Technology students celebrated the 100th day of school. Judy Prine, one of the JCJC instructors explained three to five-year olds can’t grasp the abstract concept of 100 years but they can count 100 days. 
“To make this activity developmentally appropriate for preschoolers in the pre-operational stage of development, a chart was used to count each day of school. As a daily activity, the teachers and the children counted the items placed on the chart,” said Prine.
Part of the celebration also included counting 10 goody bags with 10 items in them, wearing party glasses shaped like the number “100” and 100th day crowns, and having lots of fun! 
JCJC VP of Advancement, Caroline Ramagos helped the preschool kids celebrate their 100th day of school. The JCJC Foundation and Alumni Office have planned several events in honor of the centennial celebration.


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