JCJC students get a lesson in Smart Technology

Written By: Teresa Martin
Email Address: teresa.martin@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2012-01-27 15:07:45

ELLISVILLE –  Jones County Junior College students enrolled in the heating and air conditioning program recently learned how smart technology is infiltrating and changing their industry. Thermokool industry partners, Ke2thermsolutions’s regional sales manager, John Whitworth shared a smarter way to defrost and refrigerate. Wentworth explained more businesses are switching to a ‘smart defrost’ system which uses sensors and computers to regulate temperatures in large coolers. This new method has proven to be more cost effective over a couple of years, said Whitworth. 
“The smart system is new to the market,” said Whitworth. “However customers are realizing the system prevents the drastic fluctuation in temperatures, while maintaining the integrity of their merchandise. This new system is more intelligent, or a smart defrost method compared to the automatic defrost system traditionally used in the industry.”
JCJC students are beginning to incorporate this new technology into their training which also utilizes computers to manage and check on the new method of regulating temperatures in coolers. For more information about JCJC’s heating and air conditioning program call 601-477-4247 or email: michael.warren@jcjc.edu.


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