JCJC launches new athletic website

Written By: Jared Meyers
Email Address: jared.meyers@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2011-10-03 08:40:02

 Ellisville – It’s official! JCJC Athletics has a new home on the web. Jones County Junior College launches the new www.jcjcathletics.com website on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 8:00 AM. The new site includes more photos, articles and information about JCJC Athletics.

The project for designing a new athletic website began months ago. The ideas for the new site came from many individuals collaborating together to determine what the new website’s greatest needs would be. JCJC’s Marketing team along with JCJC’s athletic director, Katie Herrington, and athletic coaches all discussed what the features of the new site should entail. Working together on this project brought creativity and great ideas to the table to design a very comprehensive website.
Some of the new features on the new Athletic website include better navigation features, interactivity and more information. We wanted this site to be as accurate in real time as possible. Bringing in features like scores being updated from the games as they are being played to offering more information to recruits and JCJC fans has brought life to the website.
Not only has there been a complete redesign of the athletic website, there is a new web domain name as well. Fans can now stay connected to JCJC Athletics by going to www.jcjcathletics.com. We wanted to make it easier to get to the information. Now as fans become familiar to JCJC Athletics, they will know where to look for all the information for their favorite athletic program.
One other feature of the new website is still in the implementation stage. One of the main goals of the new athletic website is to have jcjcathletics.com coincide with jcjc.tv. We want both sites to basically “talk” to each other. That part of the new site is still in design mode, but it will have more of an impact on getting more information to the fans.
For more information on the new athletic website, go to www.jcjcathletics.com


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