Williams, Hinton claim Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K Run titles

Written By: Shawn Wansley
Email Address: shawn.wansley@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2011-09-24 13:24:02

 By Shawn Wansley

JCJC Sports Information Director

ELLISVILLE – It was a pleasant morning for the Fifth annual Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K Run here Saturday on the campus of Jones County Junior College.

Around 190 runners competed in the race and a person running his first 5K in the United States was the overall winner.

Nick Williams, a sophomore JCJC Bobcat tennis player from Melbourne, Australia, blazed the course in a time of 18:11.

“It was very nice out here today,” said Williams. “The temperature was great. The course was not too bad. It wasn’t really that hilly.”

The overall female winner was Sarah Hinton, a 16-year-old track star at Northeast Jones High School. She finished seventh overall with a time of 21:46.

“I did pretty good,” the NEJ junior said. “It was a pretty good time for me and I like the course.”

The top non-JCJC athlete to finish was Hattiesburg physician Neil Solomon.

“This is my third or fourth time to run here and I always like coming here,” said Solomon, who finished in 19:13. “I really like the course. It’s challenging, but it’s nice to finish on the track. That’s a good way to end the race.

“I ran about like I usually do today. It wasn’t my fastest time, but it’s a good time for me.”

The Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K starts just outside of Bobcat Stadium/Sim Cooley Field and winds its way through campus before heading into downtown Ellisville. Runners then come back through town on Court St., run through campus and finish the race by making a ¾ lap at the stadium.

Hinton, who won the Bayfest 5K in Bay Springs in June, runs the 1600-meter and 3200-meter races in high school. She hopes to run on the collegiate level someday.

“I just like to run,” she said. “It’s something I enjoy doing.”

Solomon also competes in several 5K runs in the area and uses them to prepare for longer races in January and February. In fact, he was the Grand Masters winner in the PCS Legacy 5K on Aug. 27 and the Oak Grove Running Fest 5K on Aug. 20.

“In Hattiesburg, there is a race about every other weekend through the Pine Belt Pacers, so I run in a lot of those races,” he said. “I then start running in some of the marathons and half-marathons in New Orleans, Mobile and Birmingham.”

But the day’s top finisher was Williams, who enjoyed great success as a freshman netter at Jones this past spring. He won the MACJC No. 2 singles title and teamed with Armand Deniakos to claim the No. 2 doubles state championship.

Williams has stayed in shape by going through fall tennis workouts under the direction of JCJC coach Mark Easley. Plus, he has some experience in long distance running from his high school days.

“Back home I used to run cross country for my school, but since I’ve been here, I have not been able to run too much,” he said. “I’m very happy to win today. I also have to credit Coach Easley for his efforts, too. He worked us hard.”

The day began with the invocation, which was delivered by former Bobcat football player and head coach Parker Dykes. Dykes, along with Dale Crowder, Elmer Higginbotham, Kenneth Schulte and Wilmer Dennis, is a member of the Class of 2011 Bobcat Sports Hall of Fame.

Saturday’s race was sponsored by the Bobcat Fitness Center.



Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K Run

Saturday’s results

First male – Nick Williams, 18:11

First female – Sarah Hinton, 21:46

Masters male – Ray Henderson, 20:35

Masters female – Katie Herrington, 24:17

Grand Masters male – Neil Solomon, 19:13

Grand Masters female – Elizabeth Freeman, 26:57


Age 12 and under

1-Bo Henderson, 23:29; 2-Luke Youngblood

Age 13-19

1-Cade Graham, 20:53; 2-Jordan Hamilton, 21:36; 3-Daniel Sullivan, 21:48

Age 20-24

1-Daniel Martin, 23:56

Age 25-29

1-Randy Sherrell, 26:40; 2-Chris Bayer, 31:46

Age 30-34

1-Jeremy Felder, 21:58; 2-Daniel Bartran, 23:38; 3-Chuck Davis

Age 35-39

1-Greg Wascoe, 23:47; 2-John Easley, 25:27; 3-Curtis Pitts

Age 40-44

1-Shane Yelverton, 23:56; 2-Jesse Smith-24:05; 3-Scott Alexander

Age 50-54

1-Dennis Bisnette, 23:15; 2-Chris Marengo, 23:33; 3-Doug Seidenburg, 27:17

Age 55-59

1-Ronnie Freeman, 28:34; 2-Jim Murdoch

Age 60-plus

1-Tom Smith, 25:37; 2-Bud Herring, 28:56; 3-Richard Roman


Age 12 and under

1-Emily Youngblood

Age 13-19

1-Alexi Hinton, 23:24; 2-Lydia Nunes, 27:31; 3-Bailey Davis

Age 20-24

1-Haley James; 2-Kerri Sherrell; 3-Lauren Carpenter

Age 25-29

1-Kayla Shaw, 26:10; 2-Alison Herrington; 3-Ginny Shaw

Age 30-34

1-Christie Moss-28:02; 2-Khristi Bush; 3-Megan Stringer

Age 35-39

1-Heath Ginn, 27.10; 2-Rebecca Johnson, 28:33; 3-Lori Bartran

Age 40-44

1-Serina Williamson, 26:44; 2-Mary Boleware, 28:03; 3-Lora Davis

Age 45-49

1-Tandy Martin; 2-Billie Ishee; 3-Loria Newsome

Age 50-54

1-Diane Herrington; 2-Denisea Marengo

Age 55-59

1-Teresa Benton

Age 60-plus

1-Carol Bergin, 29:11; 2-Sandy Wargel



1-Steven Waller; 2-Mark Waller; 3-Rob Winpigler


1-Pat Driscoll; 2-Jennifer Henderson; 3-Regina Bayer


1-Xavier Hilton


1-Rolanda McFarland


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