A variety of art work from JC’s Art department on display

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2018-09-14 19:12:47

ELLISVILLE – A collection of various types of art created by members of the Jones College Art department will be on display until September 24, 2018, in the Eula Bass Lewis Art Gallery on the Ellisville campus. As a department, everyone is creative in their own way and that brings a wide range of different art, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy in this exhibit.   
For JCJC ceramics instructor, Melanie Eubanks pottery is always her current project. In fact, Eubanks creates artwork that can be used daily like plates and cups. Most of her works are stoneware and are often decorated with whimsical imagery and patterns through a unique process.
“My plates and bowls are stoneware fired in an electric kiln. I decorated some of the plates with contrasting colors of clay and carving called sgraffito,” said Eubanks. “My work is an ongoing exploration of form and firing technique. In other words learning and creating is continuous.”
While Eubanks creates practical items that can be used, JC computer design instructor, Mark Brown utilizes what most call junk. His unique collection of mixed media work uses ordinary items he finds in his travels to create new objects.  Some of the items in his current exhibition on display takes those found objects to form heads, stuffed with stuff.
Technically, my sculpture draws upon gestural and figurative approaches. I use found objects based on characteristics such as texture, and color, and how they will contribute to the overall composition of the finished work. I take advantage of the aesthetic attributes to achieve a desired effect. Because I choose to assemble such a wide range of materials, the process of art making has become as important as the finished object itself. It is my intention that the viewer becomes aware of this process through the investigation of the layers,” Brown shared. 
Showing her painting skills is JC painting and drawing instructor, Paula McNair Pierce. She selected a group of work to display that is primarily colorful abstracts on a variety of surfaces. Some are displayed individually, and some as a group.
“I hope people will enjoy the fact that my work is light, happy, and not bogged down with a lot of symbolism or hidden meaning,” said McNair Pierce.
All of the artists said it is important for their students to see their work for a lot of different reasons, including offering the opportunity to validate the art profession which adds credibility to the art department and the industry, as well as showing students how to prepare for a show. 
For more information about the JCJC art show contact the gallery at 601-477-4148 or visit the gallery which is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., and Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. The gallery is closed for lunch daily from 11:30 until noon. If you want to know more about the JCJC Fine Arts Department check out the JCJC Fine Arts Facebook page at JCJCFineArts. 


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