Johnson, Clark repeat as Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K winners

Written By: Shawn Wansley
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Date Submitted: 2010-09-18 16:42:58

 By Shawn Wansley

JCJC Sports Information Director

ELLISVILLE – Different year, same results.

Ridgeland’s Matt Johnson and Laurel’s Whitney Clark both repeated their winning efforts in the Fourth annual Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K Run here on a sweltering day at Jones County Junior College.

“It was very hot this morning and a lot more humid than last year,” said Clark, who graduated from JCJC in 2009 and is now a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi. “I was not expecting that. I wish it had rained a little bit, but it was a good race overall.”

Johnson said the warm temperatures and sunny skies made for a more difficult track this year.

“Last year, we had some overcast weather and it was not quite as humid,” he said. “It was definitely slower this year because of the conditions. But it was a good race. You had tough conditions, but I like it that way because it makes it a lot more fair.”

Johnson, who was a student at Jones from 2000-02, was the Overall Male winner with a time of 17:11, while Clark took the Overall Female title with a time of 20:48.

Even though conditions were a bit tougher, both runners posted better times than last year. In 2009, Johnson finished at 18:09, while Clark was at 20:28.

Clark, who is also a graduate of Northeast Jones, has been concentrating on her studies at Southern Miss.

“I have not been able to run as much as I would like because of school,” the senior kinesiotherapy major said. “I’ve been studying more. I have to run a quick mile here and there, instead of three or four miles, just trying to keep in shape. I think that helps because it builds your muscles up.”

Johnson has been running quite a bit in several different races and was prepared for Saturday’s event.

“I have been training real hard and running some races around Ridgeland, which is where I am from,” he said. “But I’ve been running some races around different parts of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, as well as Tennessee. I have been training hard all summer and enjoying it as much as I can.”

Clark always enjoys the Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K Run. She participated in it as a cheerleader while at Jones and always looks forward to returning. She also mentioned the fact that this year’s event had a slightly different route because of all the construction going on around campus.

“I feel like I am at home here because of all of the familiar faces,” she said. “The detour was a little bit different this year, but I don’t think it affected me or hurt me any.”

Johnson mentioned the change of course and credited race organizers and volunteers with making the event a success.
“It was slightly different because you had to make an earlier turn, but the majority of it is the same,” he said. “It is a good course, with good traffic support and volunteers. I would not have come back if I did not enjoy it.

“Plus, my parents and brother live in Petal, so I can come down here and see them and visit some other friends.”

Clark, who won Laurel’s Day in the Park 5K in May, has no specific plans for her next race. She just wants to keep improving.

“I just want to better my time each time out,” she said. “That’s the main goal.”

Johnson has a couple of triathlons coming up.

On Sept. 25, he will participate in the USA Triathlon’s Age Group National Championship in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Over 1300 athletes are expected to compete.

On Oct. 9, Johnson will participate in the Mighty Magnolia Triathlon, which will take place in the Heritage Subdivision, which is past Oak Grove, just outside of Hattiesburg.

Saturday’s Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K drew a record number of non-JCJC athletes. Around 180 people ended up participating in the event, which is sponsored by the JCJC Athletic Department and directed by Lady Bobcat soccer coach Dolores Deasley.


Bobcat Hall of Fame 5K Run

Saturday’s results

In Ellisville

OVERALL MALE – Matt Johnson, 17:11

OVERALL FEMALE – Whitney Clark, 20:48.

MASTERS MALE – Bob Herrington, 20:41

MASTERS FEMALE – Audrey Jackson, 23:21.

GRANDMASTERS MALE – Neil Solomon, 19:23.

GRANDMASTERS FEMALE – Robbie Headrick, 27:26.

RACEWALKERS MALE – 1) Brendan Massey, 47:51; 2) Roderick Nix, 50:11; 3) Justin Galloway, 56:15.

RACEWALKERS FEMALE – 1) Lou Askew, 44:00; 2) Virginia Pearson, 44:01; 3) Anna Butler, 44:02.


12-AND-UNDER – 1) Gage Brock, 31:22; 2) Tyler Byrd, 31:50.

13-19 – 1) Bing Walton, 22:08; 2) Evan Buckley, 23:09; 3) Colton Williamson, 24:34

20-24 – 1) Kyle Chittenden, 20:40; 2) Ryan Colter, 26:50; 3) Taylor Leathold, 28:15

25-29 – 1) Josh Preslen, 20:34; 2), Joseph Dobbs, 24:07; 3) Kyle Crager, 24:47.

30-34 – 1) Brian Ginn, 20:23; 2) Jeremiah Estes, 23:39; 3) Daniel Bartran, 24:18.

35-39 – 1) John Piazza, 22:19; 2) Scott Clark, 25:03; 3) Charlie Hardin, 26:28.

40-44 – 1) Rick Youngblood, 21:44; 2) Dr. Jesse Smith, 22:45; 3) Michael Bradshaw, 24:06; 4) Mike Allman, 25:41.

45-49 – 1) Kenneth Hall, 25:01; 2) Artie Adams, 27:32; 3) Rod Armstrong.

50-54 – 1) Gary Thornton, 22:56; 2) K. Martin, 23:55; 3) Steve Massey, 26:24.

55-59 – 1) Luis Montalvo, 25:04; 2) Frank Barrett, 26:38; 3) Robby Graham, 30:33.

60-AND-OVER – 1) Tom Smith, 25:16; 2) Scott Black, 26:39; 3) Tommy Payne, 28:47.


12-AND-UNDER – 1) Bree Fennell, 44:01; 2) Sarah Robertson 45:01

13-19 – 1) Melinda Solomon, 21:22; 2) Regan Gavin, 26:55; 3) Brianna Williams, 30:10.

20-24– 1) Sharon Brown, 25:29; 2) Chelsea Walters, 27:18; 3) Angela Patterson, 29:02.

25-29 – 1) Jennifer Bragg, 25:47; 2) Nelly Nasif, 26:25; 3) Kelcay Miller, 27:39.

30-34 – 1) Jennifer Patterson, 22:56; 2) Terra Hancock, 25:33; 3) Cherie Allman, 26:50.

35-39 – 1) Serina Williamson, 27:50; 2) Lori Bartran, 28:40; 3) Rebecca Johnson, 29:58.

40-44 – 1) Gennie Dufrene, 23:36; 2) Lara Youngblood, 25;00; 3) Stephanie Williams, 27:41.

45-49 – 1) Katie Herrington, 24:12; 2) Becky Wilks, 27:01; 3) Carolyn Cegielski, 29:11.

50-54 – 1) Charlotte Madison, 38:19.

55-59 – 1) Elizabeth Freeman, 32:53; 2) Kay Poole, 48:27; 3) Brenda Voyles, 50:34.

60-AND-OVER – 1) Sandra Wargell, 43:30.



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