Meet the JCJC Bobcats & see the Maroon Typhoon Marching Band’s colorful and glamorous show

Written By: Teresa McCreery
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ELLISVILLE – Jones County Junior College’s annual “Meet the Bobcats” event will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 29, at Bobcat Stadium/Sim Cooley Field.  Bobcat fans will have the opportunity to meet the Bobcat football team, soccer teams, cheerleaders, Maroon Typhoon Marching Band and Touch of Gold Dance team. The event is free and open to the public.

JCJC Director of Bands, Dr. Ben Burge said the August rain during band camp did not prevent the Maroon Typhoon Marching Band from preparing a sneak preview of this year’s show,
“Glamorous Life.”  In fact, Dr. Burge said they are a little ahead of schedule.

“I’m excited about this year even though practicing outdoors has been a challenge with the torrential, daily rain and humidity.  We have a very talented and focused group of students who have endured marching in a muddy practice field and practicing indoors to produce a spectacular show for everyone. Our recruiting efforts have really paid off because we have a great group of hard-working students!” said Dr. Burge.

The show will feature a mix of “old school” favorites from Prince with modern hits from Lady Gaga. Visually, the color purple will be dominant on the field this year. That’s because singer-songwriter Prince’s hit songs from the 1984, number-one album and film, Purple Rain will be featured.  The Maroon Typhoon will incorporate the film’s title song, “Purple Rain,” and others from the album like, “Doves Cry” and “I Would Die 4 U,” and the song, “The Glamorous Life,” which Prince co-produced with Sheila E.  Add the glitzy Lady Gaga hits, “Bad Romance” and “I Live for the Applause” and the audience will enjoy a perfect mix of modern and old-school glam and “jams.”

“Playing two well-known artists’ hit-songs can be difficult to translate well on the football field,” said trumpet player from Seminary, Trent Norris. He further explained, “It’s a challenge to play Lady Gaga’s style, musically. We have to add a little extra so it sounds like her sound, for example.”

The colorguard and Touch of Gold dance team’s costumes and props will capture the glamorous, fashion-forward image both musical artists exude. Dr. Burge describes the show as being avant-garde, fashion-forward and glamorous with a lot of talented, musicians and dancers. The whole show captures the glamorous life of two flamboyant artists.

“Our costumes together with the music are sure to be a hit. I think there will be something everyone will enjoy in this show,” said Dr. Burge.

Sophomore alto saxophone player, Sarah Conn of Roxie added, “A lot of students are really driven and talented this year. We’re all working really hard and that’s really exciting to see the show come together.”

The music will be complimented by a talented colorguard and dance team. JCJC Touch of Gold co-captain Annie Heathcock of Hattiesburg, explained why she’s excited about the dance team’s performance.

“This group of dancers’ technique level is really high which makes our performance even better. Additionally, the costumes are by far my favorite thing about this show!”  

Adding to the glitz and glamour, two Drum Majorettes will be twirling fiery batons and showing off their skills throughout the show.  Freshmen, Autumn Dunnaway from Vancleave, and Carley Carpenter of Leroy, Alabama will continue a recently revived tradition as feature twirlers for the Maroon Typhoon. Dunnaway performed with graduating feature twirler, Sabrina Sagers of D’Iberville and is glad to be able to continue the tradition.

“During pre-game we really get to show-off our skills together,” said Dunnaway.  Carpenter added, “Alabama junior colleges don’t have bands but I didn’t want to go to a university.  I’m glad Jones offered this opportunity to continue doing what I love.”

Drum majors returning from last year include super-sophomore from Meridian, Nathan Lucky, sophomores from Ellisville, Katelynn McGowen and Jorge Castillo, and joining the group this year is freshmen, John Harrison from Laurel. Harrison was the drum major at West Jones High School for three years and was selected as the “backup” drum major for the prestigious Lions All-State Band this past summer.  He joins an experienced South Jones High School team of leaders in McGowen and Castillo, and Lucky’s two years as a JCJC drum major.

“Band camp has been challenging but a rewarding time because all of the JCJC drum majors are talented conductors and mace spinners. It has truly been a worthwhile experience,” said Harrison.

Joining the student leaders have been a mix of new and knowledgeable professional directors. Dr. Burge recognizes both the colorguard and dance team’s success can be attributed to the 26-year commitment to the JCJC flag-spinning group under the direction of Juna Broome and Lora Davis’ 25-years of leading and choreographing the Touch of Gold dance team. Together with Associate Director of Bands, Lindsey Keay in her fourth year, and Kristopher Grant as the new, Assistant Director of Bands along with, Dr. Patrick Richards, the high brass instructor and Dr. Mackenzie Edgley as the new low brass instructor, the Maroon Typhoon is able to  produce a superb, modern half-time show rivaling any band in the south.

The Maroon Typhoon Band Exhibition will be CANCELLED if there is inclement weather. For more information about the Maroon Typhoon, contact the JCJC Fine Arts Office at: 601-477-4094
FULL BAND PIC-by Teresa McCreery
First Last           City             State High School         County       Section
Kaylee Miller        Ellisville          MS      Northeast Jones High School  Jones      01 Flute
Sydney Watts      Laurel              MS      Northeast Jones High School  Jones     01 Flute
Yalise  Payton      Shubuta           MS      Quitman High School             Clarke    01 Flute
Gabreille Yates   Forest              MS      Raleigh High School               Smith      01 Flute
Kenton Henderson Richton           MS      Richton High School              Perry      01 Flute
Alondra Martin    Collins             MS      Seminary HS               Covington          01 Flute
Patricia McCullum Ellisville          MS      South Jones                       Jones         01 Flute
Kemberly Freeman      Ellisville   MS      South Jones High School        Jones       01 Flute
Aryonne Smith-Tribble Ellisville    MS      South Jones High School       Jones       01 Flute
Chelsea Chestnut        Jackson    MS      Terry High School                   Hinds     01 Flute
Lexi (Kiernan) Taylor  Hattiesburg MS      Oak Grove High School    Lamar   01 Flute/Piccolo
Scarlett Gully            Laurel    MS    West Jones High School         Jones     01 Flute/Piccolo
James   Smith         Hattiesburg  MS      Oak Grove High School     Lamar  02 Bass Clarinet
Amanda Stevenson     Raleigh   MS      Raleigh High School          Smith   02 Bass Clarinet
Norma (Baylee) Walter Richland  MS      Richland High School     Rankin     02 Bass Clarinet
Taylor  Gates        Magee            MS      Magee High School     Simpson   02 Clarinet
Dakota   Williams  Millry             AL       Millry High School         Washington     02 Clarinet
Ariel    Smith  Hattiesburg         MS      Oak Grove High School   Lamar           02 Clarinet
Haleigh Fitzgerald      Pearl        MS      Pearl High School   Rankin             02 Clarinet
Teresa  Ruiz        Pearl     MS      Pearl High School                   Rankin             02 Clarinet
Haley (Brett) Bounds Hattiesburg MS      South Jones High School Jones     02 Clarinet
Shannon Murrell   Moselle        MS      South Jones High School        Jones    02 Clarinet
Morgan Ottis  Ellisville          MS      South Jones High School        Jones       02 Clarinet
Ke'Andrea Smith      Ellisville  MS      South Jones High School        Jones     02 Clarinet
Peyton Eaves      Moselle         MS      South Jones HS                 Jones     02 Clarinet
Emily   Smith        Ellisville        MS      South Jones HS           Jones          02 Clarinet
Brooklyn Brewer    Richton        MS      Wayne County High School   Wayne     02 Clarinet
Lauryn Heidelberg   Laurel         MS      West Jones High School         Jones    02 Clarinet
Bria     Sims           Laurel     MS      West Jones High School         Jones      02 Clarinet
Christian Lee       Moselle    MS      South Jones High School   Jones    02 Clarinet, bass clarinet
Scott    Prats      Columbia  MS      Columbia High School            Marion       03 Alto Sax
Sydney Herrington   Meridian MS      Enterprise High School           Clarke    03 Alto Sax
Joshua (Kenneth) Anderson   Richton MS     Greene County High School   Greene  03 Alto Sax
Brelynne Baldwin       Raleigh     MS      Raleigh High School               Smith  03 Alto Sax
Joseph Harrison        Laurel     MS      West Jones High School         Jones  03 Alto Sax
Sarah   Conn          Roxie   MS      Franklin County High School Franklin  03 Alto Saxophone
Caitlyn  Holifield    Laurel   MS      Northeast Jones High School  Jones  03 Alto Saxophone
Dustin Lambert  Raleigh  MS       Raleigh High School      Smith               03 Alto Saxophone
Bryon (Tommy) Pittman Ellisville  MS South Jones High School    Jones  03 Alto Saxophone
Brandon Pedersen       Petal   MS      Petal High School       Forrest    03 Alto Saxophone/ Guitar
Lanika Rogers             Ellisville  MS  South Jones High School Jones  03 Manager
Michael Sherman Pass Christian MS Pass Christian  Harrison Jackson 04 Alto Sax
Jabrena Terrell Laurel   MS      Laurel High School      Jones              04 Alto Saxophone
Shyra   Moore      Laurel  MS      West Jones High School  Jones       04 Bari Saxophone
Anthony Shanks  Shubuta  MS      Wayne County High School   Wayne  04 Tenor Saxophone
Allison Byrd           Laurel  MS  West Jones High School Jones     04 Tenor Saxophone
Matthew Brotherton   Bexley   OH      Bexley High School 04 Tenor Saxophone/Clarinet
Yasmine Pope Columbia  MS      Columbia High School            Marion   05 Horn
Parker  Wolf    Hattiesburg     MS      Oak Grove High School  Lamar    05 Horn
Cheyenne Fraun          Moselle    MS      Pearl HS  Rankin             05 Horn
Audriana Windham    Moselle    MS      South Jones High School  Jones   05 Horn
Christian Millwood     Brandon   MS      Brandon High School   Rankin 06 Trumpet
Emily   Wallace           Magee   MS      Magee High School Simpson  06 Trumpet
Aaron (Dakota?) Bazor Petal  MS      Perry Central   Perry                06 Trumpet
Daniel Easley              Petal  MS      Petal High School  Forrest       06 Trumpet
Trent    Norris  Collins   MS      Seminary High School Covington  06 Trumpet
John (JT) Sams   Ellisville   MS      South Jones         Jones         06 Trumpet
Ryan    Nowell   Ellisville   MS      South Jones High School        Jones   06 Trumpet
Nicole  Tisdale   Ellisville     MS  South Jones High School        Jones     06 Trumpet
Emily   Williams  Ellisville    MS      South Jones High School        Jones   06 Trumpet
Michael Harrold Quitman MS      Quitman High School Clarke  06 Trumpet, Drums, Guitar
Shawn Eubanks   Meridian MS      Enterprise High School           Clarke   07 Trombone
Tyree   Chapman Hattiesburg MS      Hattiesburg High School  Forrest   07 Trombone
Linda   Echenique Laurel  MS Northeast Jones High School  Jones 07 Trombone
Elizabeth Beard   Laurel MS      Northeast Jones High School  Jones     07 Trombone
Ziera    Bates    Flowood  MS      NWRankin       Rankin             07 Trombone
Christopher Sumrall    Brandon  MS      Pearl High School Rankin    07 Trombone
Aimee  Greene    Petal  MS      Petal High School     Forrest  07 Trombone
Dylan (James) Jones   Taylorsville  MS      South Jones High School Jones  07 Trombone
Brandon Broome Sumrall MS Sumrall High School  Lamar              07 Trombone
Colton Knight Taylorsville   MS  Taylorsville HS    Smith               07 Trombone
Bryce Cooper Waynesboro    MS   Wayne County High School   Wayne 07 Trombone
Quentin Buck  Soso    MS      West Jones High School   Jones      Smith  07 Trombone
Clay Whitts      Vancleave     MS      Vancleave HS  Jackson            07 Trombone
Jeremiah Haynes   Columbia  MS      Columbia High School    Marion    08 Euphonium
Dallas  Osmundson   Enterprise    MS  Enterprise High School    Clarke  08 Euphonium
Tyler    Miller  Cedar Park   TX   Leander High School      Williamson  08 Euphonium
Jonathan (Cole) Johnson Laurel MS  Northeast Jones High School  Jones 08 Euphonium
Mitchell Cook  Collins MS      Seminary High School  Covington 08 Euphonium
Aaron (Creg) Stringer Columbia MS  Columbia HS  Marion      09 Tuba
Nigel   Brown    Laurel   MS      Laurel High School  Jones               09 Tuba
Caleb   Bass     Mize   MS      Mize Attendance Center         Smith               09 Tuba
Leah    Means Pearl   MS      Pearl High School                   Rankin             09 Tuba
Antonio Ducksworth  Louin  MS      Raleigh High School      Smith               09 Tuba
James   Hoze Waynesboro MS   Wayne County High School   Wayne          09 Tuba
Joseph Grimes Citronelle   AL  Greene County High School   Greene       09 Tuba/Trumpet
Keke Pruitt Ellisville   MS      South Jones High School        Jones  10 Percussion
Joseph (Abel)  Hall  Hattiesburg   MS North Forrest HSForrest 10 Percussion - bass drum
Jacob   Brannon Hattiesburg MS  South Jones HS     Jones  10 Percussion - bass drum
Bret (Ty) Evans  Laurel  MS  Northeast Jones High School  Jones 10 Percussion - snare
Michael (Austin)Lee  Purvis  MS  Purvis High School   Lamar   10 Percussion - snare
Shakar Sargent   Shubuta   MS   Wayne County High School   Wayne  10 Percussion - Snare
Stephon MayfieldWaynesboro  MS  Wayne County High School   Wayne 10 Percussion - snare
James   Ellis  Hattiesburg     MS South Jones    Jones  10 Percussion - tenor
John  Ivey   Petal  MS      Petal High School    Forrest   10 Percussion - tenors
Keith   Briggs Ocean Springs MS   Ocean Springs High School    Jackson 10 Tenors (percussion)
Jerry    Lewis    Laurel  MS   Laurel High School   Jones      14 Front Ensemble
Isom    Price    Laurel   MS      Laurel High School      Jones   14 Front Ensemble
Brandon Lee  Ovett      MS      South Jones  Jones       14 Front Ensemble - Bass Guitar
Zach    Stephens    Ellisville  MS South Jones High School Jones   14 Front Ensemble - guitar
Raven  Lapeyrouse Ellisville MS Northeast Jones High School Jones 14 Front Ensemble - mallets
Elizabeth Morrison Long Beach  MS Long Beach HS Harrison 14 Front Ensemble Mallets
Dallas  Mozingo Ellisville MS South Jones HS Jones    14 Front Ensemble Mallets, Percussion
Emily   Biglane  Ellisville  MS Home School   Jones 14 Front Ensemble Percussion/piano
Hannah Ivey Petal MS   Petal High School   Forrest    14 Front Ensemble, mallets
Whitney Jones Waynesboro MS Wayne County HS Wayne 14 Front Ensmeble marimba, piano, flute
Amanda Flynn Petal MS Petal High School Forrest 14 Mallets
Carley  Dye Petal  MS      Petal High School     Forrest    14 Marimba/Vibes
Aiyanna Hinton  Columbia  MS  Columbia High School Marion    14 Percussion
Calvdedra Smith Huntsville AL  Grissom High School  Madison   14 Percussion
Ja'Daruis Cole Meridian MS Meridian High School  Lauderdale   14 Percussion
Mary Helen Sherman  Pass Christian  MS Pass Christian High School Harrison 14 Percussion
Peyton Wilson Pearl MS  Pearl High School   Rankin 14 Percussion
Drake  Moses   Ellisville MS   South Jones High School Jones   14 Percussion
Montreke Pruitt    Ellisville MS   South Jones High School Jones  14 Percussion
Tyron   McCormick Taylorsville  MS Taylorsville High School Smith 14 Percussion
Jacob   Campbell  Union  MS      Union High School    Newton   14 Percussion
Shadow Dailay Waynesboro MS Wayne County HS  Wayne    14 Percussion
Verdaleeza Russell Waynesboro MS  Wayne County HS   Wayne 14 Percussion
Matthew Haight Mobile AL Baker High School Mobile  14 Piano
Derrick Williams Laurel  MS Northeast Jones HS  Jones  14 Piano
Clouzell Leggett Hattiesburg MS Oak Grove HS  Lamar  14 Snare
Quintin Lyons Centreville  MS Parklane Academy Amite  15 Colorguard
Maegan McAdory Lucedale MS George County HS George 
Lauryn Jemison Lucedale MS  George County HS  George 15 Colorguard
Kendra Stevison  Lucedale MS  George County HS George 15 Colorguard
Brittany Montgomery McComb MS  North Pike HS  Pike 15 Colorguard
Harleigh Howell Laurel MS   Northeast Jones HS  Jones  15 Colorguard
Alexus Ishee Laurel MS  Northeast Jones HS  Jones 15 Colorguard
Alexandria (Alex) Jordan Laurel MS   Northeast Jones HS  Jones 15 Colorguard
Lindsey Rowzee Laurel MS Northeast Jones HS  Jones  15 Colorguard
Tiffany Dyal Hattiesburg MS  Oak Grove HS  Lamar 15 Colorguard
Courtney Sims   Brandon  MS  Park Place Christian  Rankin 15 Colorguard
Katelyn (Kate) Ware  Petal MS  Petal High School  Forrest 15 Colorguard
Aiden Rayner Raleigh MS Raleigh High School  Smith 15 Colorguard
Samantha Brown  Richton MS  Richton High School Perry  15 Colorguard
Audrey Arguello  Ellisville MS  South Jones HS  Jones 15 Colorguard
Taylor Martin Moselle MS  South Jones HS Jones 15 Colorguard
Kaitlin Jones Purvis MS Sumrall High School Lamar 15 Colorguard
Emily Stringer Vicksburg MS Warren Central  HS Warren 15 Colorguard
Bailey Austin  Brooklyn MS  Forrest County AHS  Forrest 15 Guard
Kayleigh Patrick Lumberton MS  Forrest County AHS Forrest 15 Guard
Teylor Winston Laurel MS  Laurel High School  Jones 15 Guard
Bethany Pace Mize  MS  Mize Attendance Center   Smith 15 Guard
Alice Ann (Brooke) Campbell Laurel MS  Northeast Jones High School Jones 15 Guard
Lillian Hosey Laurel MS  Northeast Jones High School Jones 15 Guard
Emily Trudeau Ovett MS Northeast Jones High School Jones 15 Guard
Hayley Smith Carriere MS Pearl River Central HS  Pearl River 15 Guard
Larissa Jimenez Richton MS  Perry Central Perry 15 Guard
Victoria Barrett  Petal MS Petal High School Forrest 15 Guard
Meghan Fuller Petal MS Petal High SchoolForrest 15 Guard
Dextrianna Magee Collins MS  Seminary High School Covington 15 Guard
Destenie Cooper Ellisville  MS  South Jones HS  Jones 15 Guard
Carley Ishee Ovett MS  South Jones High School  Jones 15 Guard
Taniji Rogers  Ellisville MS  South Jones High School  Jones 15 Guard
Scarlett Sandifer Ellisville MS South Jones High School  Jones   15 Guard
Abrey StrongBay St. Louis MS Bay High School Hancock 16 Dancer
Victoria Carter Brandon MS Brandon High School Rankin 16 Dancer
Amberly Ray Hurley MS  East Central HS Jackson   16 Dancer
Sydney Beech  Laurel  MS  Laurel Christian High School  Jones 16 Dancer
Anna-Catherine Hampton Petal  MS  Petal High School  Forrest 16 Dancer
Sydney Jolly Petal MS Petal High School  Forrest 16 Dancer
Corie Waites  Prentiss MS   Prentiss Christian School  Jefferson Davis 16 Dancer
Lacey (Jessica) James  Richton MS Richton High School  Perry 16 Dancer
Annie Heathcock  Hattiesburg  MS  Sacred HeartForrest     16 Dancer
Emma Boone  Ellisville  MS  South Jones  Jones 16 Dancer
Victoria Strickland Ellisville MSS outh Jones Jones 16 Dancer
Kaitlyn Karoly Moselle MS  South Jones High School  Jones 16 Dancer
Brooklyn Leverette  Jackson  MS  Terry High School  Hinds   16 Dancer
Anna-Claire McKellar Vicksburg  MS  Warren Central High School  Warren   16 Dancer
Kelsey  Gossett  Buckatunna  MS  Wayne County High School  Wayne 16 Dancer
Jorge  Castillo  Moselle  MS  South Jones High School  Jones 17 Drum Major
Katelynn McGowen  Moselle MS South Jones High School Jones 17 Drum Major
John Harrison Laurel MS West Jones High School Jones 17 Drum Major
Nathan Lucky Meridian MS West Lauderdale Lauderdale 17 Drum Major
Carley Carpenter Leroy AL   Leroy High School  Washington   18 Majorette
Autumn Dunnaway Vancleave MS   VancleaveJackson   18 Majorette
Ronald (Trevor) Davidson Meridian MS  Enterprise High School Clarke 19 Manager
William (Austin) Michaels Sumrall MS  Gulfport High School Harrison  19 Manager
Jamie  Hill Purvis  MS  Lamar Chirstian School  Lamar  19 Manager
Angel  Powell  Pinola MS  Mendenhall High School Simpson   19 Manager
Quajamia Ducksworth Taylorsville MS  Seminary High School  Covington19  Manager
Charles (Leighton) Knight Moselle  MS  South Jones  Jones  19 Manager
Blake  Blacksmith  Vancleave  MS  Vancleave HS  Jackson 19 Manager
Brittany Lyons  Centreville  MS   Wilkinson County Christian Academy Amite 19 Manager


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