All points matter in JCJC’s Bobcat Math League competition

Written By: Teresa McCreery
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Date Submitted: 2016-09-23 13:43:40

ELLISVILLE – Knocking off a perennial power house is no easy feat but to knock off the division leader you have to have the points. Northeast Jones and Presbyterian Christian both won their matches in the second week of Jones County Junior College’s Bobcat Math League, but the Tigers earned two more cumulative points to land on top of the Archimedes Division. The NEJ Tigers slaughtered the South Jones Braves, 58 to 27 and the Presbyterian Christian Bobcats routed the Richton Rebels, 48 to 27. However, the PCS Bobcats dropped to second place in the division for the first time.

While Galileo Division leaders, the Sacred Heart Crusaders easily cruised to victory against the Sylva Bay Saints, 68 to 24, three points determined the other division standings. The Wayne Academy Jaguars moved up a notch after winning a close battle with the Raleigh Lions, 34 to 32. Only three cumulative points separate the two teams for the second place rank in the division.
The Columbia Academy Cougars were on point this week and will remain the Gates Division leaders with 81 cumulative points.  The Cougars creamed the Perry Central Bulldogs, 43 to 20. Laurel’s Tornadoes crushed the Collins Tigers, 39 to 18, and remain in second place in the division.
No one knows how to rack up points this season like the Warriors of Oak Grove who remain Pythagoras Division leaders with 150 cumulative points and the win against West Jones.  The Mustangs edged out the War Eagles of Wayne County last week but West Jones couldn’t outlast the Oak Grove mathletes who thrashed the Mustangs, 79 to 33. Wayne County and Quitman tied in their match, 25 to 25, leaving West Jones in second place in the division with 73 cumulative points.
Oak Grove is also taking the lead amongst the Most Outstanding Players this season.  Tied for the top spots are Oak Grove’s, Sarah Greer and Allen Huang with an 80 percent accuracy rate.  Five players are tied with a 75 percent accuracy rate including, Parker Cruise and Savannah Smith of Northeast Jones, Oak Grove’s Jason Guo and Ruby Liang and Sacred Heart’s Sohbiah Thriffley. 
As the division teams begin competing against each other, we may see more division shake ups next week.  Archimedes Division leader, Northeast Jones and Pythagoras Division leaders, Oak Grove will go head-to-head in a thrilling third week of competition. Northeast Jones has a lot on the line in this match-up since Presbyterian Christian faces a sluggish Wayne County team. Galileo Division Leader, Sacred Heart and Gates Division leader, Columbia Academy will face-off in a hot contest which could mean a change in the division rankings with Wayne Academy and Laurel eager to take the division lead.
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