MAPE honors JCJC Bobcat Math League with Governor's Award

Written By: Kelly Atwood
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Date Submitted: 2016-03-21 21:04:34

JCJC's Bobcat Math League has once again been chosen as the recipient of the Governor’s University/College Partnership Award for its partnership program with area high schools.

This honor was given at the Mississippi Association of Partners in Education Annual Governor's Awards, held in Jackson March 15.

At the ceremony, MAPE awarded 22 school-community partnership programs that have produced outstanding results for students in grades K-12. These partnerships include schools working with school districts, institutions, organizations and businesses throughout the state. This is the second time the Math League has received this distinction, accepting it also in 2014.

"We were very excited to hear that the JCJC Bobcat Math League had received the MAPE's University Level Governor's Award for the second time,” said Dr. Jessica Bunch, Bobcat Math League Commissioner. “MAPE has a 32-year history of supporting partnerships between schools and communities.  This organization works diligently to improve education and student success, as well as to improve economic development and quality of life. It is such an honor for the Math League to be recognized by this organization.

This is the eighth year for the Math League partnership between JCJC and area high schools. It first began with an annual one-day competition, and in 2012, expanded to a season-long competition where high schools compete against one another, with teams advancing to the final playoffs, culminating with a Super Bowl at the college.

In 2015 alone, the Math League impacted 360 students, involved 50 volunteers and received $36,000 in donations from private entities. The number of students who participated in 2015 increased 22 percent over 2014.

The Math League was created as a way to decrease the number of students who are academically unprepared for math in post-secondary education. By making math similar to an athletic competition, high school students may feel more motivated to learn. Students are rewarded with trophies and medallions, monetary awards and scholarships.

Laurel realtor Chris Wilson, who helped create the idea for the Math League and helped secure sponsors, joined the JCJC math instructors to accept the award as part of the partnership.

“The first time (we received the award in 2014) I was positive that the people that make the (award) decisions noticed that the junior college math department, supported by their leadership, had spotted an opportunity and were willing to work really hard to improve high school math scores so as to improve the quality of the students entering JCJC,” said Wilson. “This second time, the same dedication seems to have been noticed by that same group of people as a program that is working. That’s important. I hope our supporters, parents and our high schools are paying attention."

Partners for the 2015 season of the Bobcat Math League include the college, high schools, community liaison Chris Wilson, the Chisholm Foundation, Mississippi Power Company, Sandra Wright of Magnolia Real Estate, Howard Computers and Corner Market.


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