The 4th week into JCJC’s Bobcat Math League causes a few shake-ups

Written By: Teresa McCreery
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Date Submitted: 2015-10-08 21:25:40

ELLISVILLE –We’re down to four undefeated teams in the Jones County Junior College Bobcat Math League this fourth week with one play-off team already decided.  Oak Grove’s relentless racking up of points puts them at the top of the list of championship contenders with 469-cumulative points overall, clinching their division title.  Presbyterian Christian and Stringer Attendance Center are the only other teams who’ve broken the 400 point mark, yet they have a long way to go to catch the Warriors who have nearly a 50-point lead. One of the Warrior’s weapons is perennial top scorer, Allen Huang who tied with Sacred Heart’s Matthew Gallardo for the Most Outstanding Player’s top score with a 97.5 percent accuracy rate. Ruby Liang is Huang’s “back-up” in the scoring department, tying with Stringer’s Jackson Dale’s 92.5 percent accuracy rate.  Key’Shawn Kennedy of Stringer rounds out the top five Most Outstanding Players with his 87.5 percent accuracy rate.

The Einstein division encountered the most upsets and changes in the division rankings this week. Despite the attempts, Sacred Heart had no trouble keeping its top spot by beating Wayne County.  The War Eagles were stunned by the Crusaders’ 99-points and only managed to score 11-points while also losing its second place ranking in the division. West Jones’ win against Wayne Academy helped them gallop up the ranks to the second place division ranking.  The Mustangs pulled out a narrow, 29 to 24 win over the Jaguars.  Heidelberg High School’s Oilers managed to strike it rich with its first win of the season.  County rival, Bay Springs’ Bulldogs couldn’t hold on to the slick Oilers who seemed determined to win. 

In the Euclid division, the Red Devils of Stringer continued its winning ways against one-time foe, the Lawrence County Cougars with a 117 to 24 thrashing. Laurel’s win over Seminary, 38 to 13 wasn’t good enough to pull the Tornadoes up in the division, who remain in the third place spot.

Crossing paths with the Oak Grove Warriors this season has been a treacherous time for every team.  Each foe so far, has had difficulty scoring more than 18 points except for the Columbia Academy Cougars.  Even though Columbia Academy lost, 31 to 103 they managed to score the most points against Oak Grove while also managing to contain the Warriors’ lead to 72 points versus the teams’ biggest point margin of 128.  The Fibonacci Division’s second place team, the Perry Central Bulldogs managed to hang on to its position despite the 38 to 16 pounding from Greene County’s Wildcats. Richton moved up this week with its 44 to 8 victory against the Heidelberg Academy Rebels. 

The Pythagoras Division continues to be led by the Northeast Jones Tigers, however its cumulative points puts this division leader in last place amongst the division leaders.  Northeast turned in 73 points to end the Sylva Bay Saints’ hopes of gaining ground in the division, who scored 18. Mt. Olive’s Pirates pulled out a win against the Collins Tigers, 32 to 17, allowing the Pirates to remain in third place in the division.

Presbyterian Christian keeps the top spot in the Newton Division with an 84 point win against the Taylorsville Tartars.  This loss to the Bobcats was the Tartars first of the season.  South Jones successfully defended the Reservation with a 32 to 20 victory over the Quitman Panthers.   The Braves maintain its third place in the division. Enterprise managed to come out the victors in its meeting at JCJC against the Raleigh Lions, 33 to 17.      

Fall Break next week will give teams the opportunity to rest up as they head into the final week to determine division leaders and wild-card teams. Post-season competition with the final play-offs and regular season team honors and recognitions will be held on Wednesday, November 4, in the Fine Arts Auditorium of JCJC. With only Oak Grove clinching their division title, the remaining four division titles and three wild-card play-off spots are up for grabs in the final week.  The three wild-card teams will be determined based on wins, cumulative points and/or head to head wins, etc.

In the final regular season meetings of the BML competition, Sacred Heart will have to defend its division title and keep the West Jones Mustangs’ at bay to ensure an invite to the play-offs.  To keep their wildcard play-off dreams alive, Columbia Academy, Taylorsville and Lawrence County will have to maintain their cumulative point’s leads against West Jones and Wayne County who could steal the wild-card play-off opportunity away with big wins in the final week of the regular season.

Results will be posted on the JCJC Bobcat Math League web page under “Weekly Results/Standings” at: and on the Bobcat Math League Facebook page. For more information about the Bobcat Math League contact Dr. Jessica Bunch (JCJC Bobcat Math League Commissioner) at 601-477-5422 or email at


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