JCJC nurse educator earns prestigious “Educator with the Nurse's Touch" Award

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2015-09-30 21:39:49

ELLISVILLE – Jones County Junior College’s Associate Degree Nursing instructor, Danielle Brownlee was recently named as one of only four nurse educators to be honored with the “Educator with the Nurse’s Touch” Award. This recognition was bestowed upon Brownlee by the ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) Nursing Education in front of her students.

“To be nominated for the ATI Nurse’s Touch Award was an honor in itself and to be chosen for this award is truly humbling. I am honored to be recognized by ATI as an educator who demonstrates professionalism and promotes interpersonal skills,” said Brownlee.

Regional Executive for ATI Nursing Education, Joseph Clark explained Brownlee possesses a rare gift that is vital in the field of nursing, however difficult to teach students. The Nurse’s Touch Award recognizes outstanding educators honored for advancing professional and interpersonal skills in nursing education programs. Brownlee, he explained, integrated these two important skills into her nursing practice and the education of students.

“She teaches her students to focus on interaction and active listening with the patient. She encourages them to pick up on cues, verbal and non-verbal which can tell them what is going on with the patient that monitors will never show. Brownlee also models and reinforces the need for therapeutic touch as part of nursing care so that the patient never feels as if they are being ignored or alone. Most importantly, she believed in those students who had not been successful on their first attempt at the NCLEX-RN (licensure test) and would give up her personal time to work with those students to help assure success on the next attempt,” said Clark.

Brownlee shared she believes at the heart of nursing, is a caring spirit. However, since caring and compassion cannot be taught, Brownlee said she wants her students to see that “spirit” in her.

“As an educator and professional, I have found that by modeling these traits to my students, I am teaching them to look beyond the tasks and skills upon which they are carrying out, and to make a choice, to choose an attitude of caring and to reflect upon the potential of impacting others’ lives. In so doing, it is my heart’s desire, that as their teacher, I myself have done just that; I have led them in learning by encouraging them, caring for them, and have ultimately shared with them my passion for the nursing profession,” said Brownlee.

Her reward for outstanding teaching and modeling includes a plaque and certificate and an all-expenses paid trip to the 2016 ATI National Nurse Educator Summit in Nashville. Her students at JCJC will also benefit from Brownlee’s honor. She and her class will receive the use of ATI’s Nurse’s Touch program for one year. Clark said students will have the opportunity to learn what it means to have the “Nurse’s Touch” through a dynamic and interactive online simulation program from ATI.

“What makes this honor even more special is that I get to share the Nurse’s Touch product with our students. This product will not only teach the students professional leadership concepts but it will also aid in advancing their knowledge in communication, as well as nursing wellness, and ultimately impacting the quality of healthcare delivery. We are eager to explore the product with our students and to integrate it into their learning,”

This additional gift from ATI will reinforce concepts already in the ADN curriculum JCJC nurse educators believe. Additionally, this learning opportunity can only better our graduates and impact our community positively.

Brownlee has been teaching at JCJC for eight years and earned her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi, and her associate’s degree from JCJC in 2002. The Laurel resident was also one of JCJC’s representatives for the Mississippi Community College Lamplighter’s Award.


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