JCJC continues to enrolls record number of students

Written By: Teresa Martin
Email Address: teresa.martin@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2010-08-31 13:28:29

ELLISVILLE – Blame the economy or a desire to advance in the workplace, more people are turning to higher education as a way to be more successful. “This is the largest freshman class in Jones County Junior College history,” said JCJC President, Dr. Jesse Smith. 
The two-year college also crossed another milestone when it surpassed the 6,000 student threshold. With 6,040 students registered, JCJC set a new record.
“We’re seeing more and more of our students come from greater distances wanting to be a part of a college experience,” said Smith. “We have spent a lot of time focusing on engaging our students. Everything we do is about making sure we get on a plateau or a place where the students feel comfortable.”
Graduation and retention rates are also reaching new heights. Ninety-percent of the freshmen completing their first year began a second year of college, which is good news to Smith. 
“The future of America depends upon the number of college graduates we produce,” said Smith. “We have to produce more college graduates…because our economy depends upon the number of educated, talented, and productive people who are available for the workforce.”
One of the refined services proving beneficial to students is the Student Success Center (SSC). Located in the library, this combination of counseling center and one-stop shop information station, students are able to get the answers they need to steer them toward the path of success. 
“We are meeting the current and future needs of students so they don’t get discouraged and quit or become stagnant,” said JCJC SSC director, Gwen Magee. “We provide tutoring, computer Notebooks, a place to hang out, get help, and it doesn’t hurt to have a coffee shop close by. This is a safe and comfortable place for students to get what they need.”
Making connections with people, staff and faculty, by answering technical questions to guiding them around the campus, Magee said helps students build a solid foundation. “It’s critical for students to build a network and make other connections. Jones has always found a way to put the pieces together for students. Engaging students is vital.”
The college's district includes eight counties: Clarke, Covington, Greene, Jasper, Jones, Perry, Smith, and Wayne. Degrees and certificates are awarded in 27 career and technical programs and over 100 university parallel programs. For more information about Jones, visit the college's website online at www.jcjc.edu. 


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