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Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2015-01-26 14:16:48

ELLISVILLE – Jones County Junior College’s annual Band Clinic serves as an opportunity to sharpen the skills of both high school and college students. Marching season is over and now students are preparing for the next phase in their musical careers: spring concert band and the personal challenge and rewards of honor band auditions. Nearly 400 high school students auditioned on a Friday afternoon to learn music for a concert performed on the following Saturday afternoon, January 17, 2015.
JCJC Director of Bands, Dr. Jonathan Helmick explained, “The JCJC Band Clinic is an opportunity for continued growth in a fun and energizing honor band setting. It also gives our students at JCJC opportunities to work alongside clinicians in an apprenticeship environment. These students will be more successful as they develop their skills and get a competitive edge as they progress toward a four-year music education licensure program.”
High school and middle school students from Enterprise, Greene County, Laurel, Mize, Northeast Jones, Perry Central, Quitman, Raleigh, Richton, Seminary, South Jones, Stringer, Sumrall, North Forrest, Taylorsville, Wayne County, West Jones and Oak Grove participated in the JCJC Band Clinic. South Jones High School Junior, Jesse Tims said he decided to audition as a personal challenge, to see how he’d do.
“I have participated in other band clinics but I wanted to see how I would do at JCJC and be in contention for college scholarships. The audition process is competitive; just like sports. I’m glad I earned a spot in the Gold Band especially since this was a new competition for me,” said Tims. The Ellisville native plays alto saxophone, bass drum, guitar and piano.
JCJC sophomore music major, Harlan Mapp of Hattiesburg spent the weekend helping the younger musicians. He noted, “I’m really enjoying working with these students and our guest clinicians.”
Guest clinic directors were: Elizabeth Jackson of Ocean Springs directing the Middle School “A” Honor Band; Zach Hassell of Oak Grove, directing the Middle School “B” Honor Band; Ida Mitchell of Stone County, directing the “Gold” Honor Band; and David Carter of Summerville, South Carolina, directing the “Maroon” Honor Band.
Helmick admits the band clinic gives him a chance to see the talent that may be a part of the JCJC Maroon Typhoon or other ensembles. For more information call JCJC band director, Dr. Jonathan Helmick at 601-477-4095 or 4094 or email: jonathan.helmick@jcjc.edu.
JCJC Band Clinic  Roster Jan. 16-17, 2015
NOTE: This is a list of students who were invited to participate after the audition process.  
Name                          Class Instrument                School Band                          
Jaden Mathis                12      Euphonium                 Seminary HS
Ava Calvert                  12      Alto Sax                      Richton HS
Gavin Sellers                 9       Alto Sax                      Richton HS
Natalie Kilgore              9       Alto Sax                      Taylorsville HS
Bryce Herring              10      Alto Sax                      Wayne County HS
Makenna Vega              7       Alto Sax                      Richton JH
Chesley Conner             8       Alto Sax                      Wayne County Beat Four JH
Jaylne Davis                  8       Alto Sax                      Wayne County Clara JH
Bailey Cooper               7       Alto Sax                      Wayne County Waynesboro JH
Darrien Bumpers           8       Alto Sax                      Wayne County Waynesboro JH
Sydney Herrington      11      Alto Saxophone             Enterprise HS
Grace Slider                  9       Alto Saxophone          Greene County HS
Josh Anderson              11      Alto Saxophone          Greene County HS
John Riley                     8       Alto Saxophone          Mize HS
Derek Jones                  12      Alto Saxophone          Northeast Jones HS
Dillion Gieger               9       Alto Saxophone          Northeast Jones HS
Renaldo Hopkins         12      Alto Saxophone          Quitman HS
Brelynne Baldwin        11      Alto Saxophone          Raleigh HS
Ethan Williamson         10      Alto Saxophone          Seminary HS
Jacob Hegwood           11      Alto Saxophone          Seminary HS
Jesse Tims                    11      Alto Saxophone          South Jones HS
Storm Williamson        12      Alto Saxophone          South Jones HS
Thomas Gunnell           12      Alto Saxophone          South Jones HS
Morgan Kelly              11      Alto Saxophone          Stringer HS
John Harrison              10      Alto Saxophone          West Jones HS
Josiah Hicks                 10      Alto Saxophone          West Jones HS
Olivia Eubanks              7       Alto Saxophone          Greene County JH
John Thomas                 8       Alto Saxophone          Laurel JH
Joseph Pruitt                 7       Alto Saxophone          Laurel JH
Grant McLeod               7       Alto Saxophone          Mize JH
Colton Watts                 7       Alto Saxophone          Northeast Jones JH
Blaine Brown               8       Alto Saxophone          Quitman JH
Adam Bushman            8       Alto Saxophone          South Jones JH
Chloe Entrekin              7       Alto Saxophone          South Jones JH
Whitney Hinton            8       Alto Saxophone          South Jones JH
Carter Templeton          7       Alto Saxophone          Sumrall JH
Michael Everette           8       Alto Saxophone          Wayne County Waynesboro JH
Kenton Henderson        9       Bari Sax                      Richton HS
Sarah Crawley              11      Bari Sax                      Enterprise HS
Connor Odom               9       Bari Saxophone           Oak Grove HS
Kyle Hawkins              10      Bari Saxophone           Raleigh HS
Donnie Murphy             8       Bari Saxophone           West Jones JH
Annabell Faust              7       Baritone                      Northeast Jones JH
Buster Jarrell                 7       Baritone                      South Jones JH
Caleb Smith                  7       Baritone                      South Jones JH
Emmanuel Gonzalez     8       Baritone                      South Jones JH
Sidney Matthew           8       Baritone                      South Jones JH
Jessica Shirley              12      Baritone BC                Enterprise HS
Gwen Rowzee               9       Baritone BC                Northeast Jones HS
Sadie Braddock           10      Baritone BC                Northeast Jones HS
Anesha Douglas           12      Baritone BC                Quitman HS
Dalton Lewis              12      Baritone BC                South Jones HS
Kelsie Graham             12      Baritone BC                Stringer HS
Hunter Donald              8       Baritone BC                Enterprise JH
Shelby Robinson          12      Baritone T.C.             Mize HS
Jarrett Darden                        Baritone T.C.             Seminary HS
Abbigail Johnson         11      Baritone T.C.             Wayne County HS
Olivia Stevison              8       Baritone TC                Wayne County Clara JH
Tristan Gerlach              7       Baritone TC                West Jones JH
Amanda Stevenson      10      Bass Clarinet               Raleigh HS
Chelsea Everett            10      Bass Clarinet               Wayne County HS
Takia Chapman             8       Bass Clarinet               Quitman JH
Tori Wilks                     8       Bass Clarinet               South Jones JH
Kaitlyn Beasley             7       Bass Clarinet               Wayne County Buckatunna JH
Jesus Trujillo                10      Bassoon                       West Jones HS
Haylee Riley                12      Clarinet                       Enterprise HS
Idasha Glenn                12      Clarinet                       Enterprise HS
Katlyn Mosely***       12      Clarinet                       Enterprise HS
Mckayla Bedwell          9       Clarinet                       Enterprise HS
April Pierce                  12      Clarinet                       Greene County HS
Leigh Moles                  9       Clarinet                       Greene County HS
Rhylee Pierce               9       Clarinet                       Greene County HS
Desirae Blackwell         9       Clarinet                       Mize HS
Angela Ramsey             9       Clarinet                       Northeast Jones HS
Hanna Wilson              10      Clarinet                       Northeast Jones HS
Katelyn Hinton            11      Clarinet                       Northeast Jones HS
Alexus Floyd              12      Clarinet                       Oak Grove HS
Amber Rowell              12      Clarinet                       Quitman HS
Grace Bonner               10      Clarinet                       Quitman HS
Adele' Hall                    9       Clarinet                       Raleigh HS
Anthony Surmik          11      Clarinet                       Raleigh HS
Dakota Malone            10      Clarinet                       Raleigh HS
Christian Lee                11      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Jeanine Wear                11      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
LeeAnn Nobles            12      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Mallory Rigdon            10      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Morgan Ottis                10      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Natalie Buckley           12      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Shannon Murrell          11      Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Sydney Stone               9       Clarinet                       South Jones HS
Tyler Foster                  11      Clarinet                       Sumrall HS
Kacie Parker                  9       Clarinet                       Taylorsville HS
Brooklyn Brewer*       12      Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Cammy Conner            11      Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Chris Green                  10      Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Jalin Lacey*                 12      Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Marissa West*              12      Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Mia McFadden            11      Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Mykayla Williamson     9       Clarinet                       Wayne County HS
Bria Sims                      10      Clarinet                       West Jones HS
Lauryn Hieldelberg      10      Clarinet                       West Jones HS
Katie Davis                   7       Clarinet                       Enterprise JH
Maddy Combest           8       Clarinet                       Enterprise JH
Alyssa Grimes              8        Clarinet                       Greene County JH
Laken Edwards            7        Clarinet                       Greene County JH
Ayainah Brown            8        Clarinet                       Laurel JH
Baleigh Jones              8        Clarinet                       Laurel JH
Jacquelynn Gaines       7        Clarinet                       Laurel JH
Collin Williams            7        Clarinet                       Northeast Jones JH
Lexi Berlin                   7        Clarinet                       Northeast Jones JH
Lexz Carpenter             8        Clarinet                       Northeast Jones JH
Paul Windham               7        Clarinet                       Perry Central JH
Kaylee Ivey                  8        Clarinet                       Quitman JH
Eli Whitehead              8        Clarinet                       Seminary JH
Abbie Williamson        8        Clarinet                       South Jones JH
Danielle Holliday         7        Clarinet                       South Jones JH
Katie Allen                   8        Clarinet                       South Jones JH
Harley Smith                6        Clarinet                       Stringer JH
Sarah Ishee                  6        Clarinet                       Stringer JH
Jade Atencio                8        Clarinet                       Taylorsville JH
Serenity Walker           8        Clarinet                       Taylorsville JH
Kenya Byrd                 8        Clarinet                       Wayne County Beat Four JH
Loray McCann             8        Clarinet                       Wayne County Beat Four JH
Rebecca Kennedy        8        Clarinet                       Wayne County Beat Four JH
Chloe Coaker              8        Clarinet                       Wayne County Buckatunna JH
KeAmbryae Gray         8        Clarinet                       Wayne County Clara JH
Laila Davis                   7        Clarinet                       Wayne County Waynesboro JH
Laura Carson                7        Clarinet                       Wayne County Waynesboro JH
Tiana Eiland                 7        Clarinet                       Wayne County Waynesboro JH
Alexandra Castillo       8        Clarinet                       West Jones JH
Jessy Gardner              8        Clarinet                       West Jones JH
Kelsi Corr                     7        Clarinet                       West Jones JH
Skylar Stephenson       8        Clarinet                       West Jones JH
Melody Walker*          12      Contra Alto Clarinet   Wayne County HS
Heather Watson           12      Contrabass Clarinet     South Jones HS
Brianna Gunn              11      Flute                            Enterprise HS
Aleshia Washington     11      Flute                            Greene County HS
Kirsten Deese              11      Flute                            Greene County HS
Alex Ellzey                  12      Flute                            Northeast Jones HS
Emma Grace Brownlee 9        Flute                            Northeast Jones HS
Haleigh Hollinghead      9       Flute                            Northeast Jones HS
Savannah Smith           10      Flute                            Northeast Jones HS
Sydney Watts               10      Flute                            Northeast Jones HS
Elizabeth Felipe           12      Flute                            Oak Grove HS
Savannah Maness         10      Flute                            Perry Central HS
Miracle Smith                9       Flute                            Quitman HS
Regan Cameron             9       Flute                            Richton HS
Alison Earl                    11      Flute                            South Jones HS
Scarlett Sandifer          11      Flute                            South Jones HS
Kristian Blackwell       11      Flute                            Taylorsville HS
Whitney Whitehurst     11      Flute                            Taylorsville HS
Alaysia Pou*                 12      Flute                            Wayne County HS
Clarissa Brown               9       Flute                            Wayne County HS
Harmony Packer            9       Flute                            Wayne County HS
Jessalyn Malone*         12      Flute                            Wayne County HS
Whitney Jones             11      Flute                            Wayne County HS
YaRaeonna Gandy*    12      Flute                            Wayne County HS
Savannah Holifield        9       Flute                            West Jones HS
Scarlett Gully               10      Flute                            West Jones HS
Thomas Glenn               9        Flute                            West Jones HS
Kirsten Garrard              8       Flute                            Greene County JH
Erin Carter                     6       Flute                            Mize JH
Laney Bruce                   6       Flute                            Mize JH
Skylar McPhail               6       Flute                            Mize JH
Aiko Williams                7       Flute                            Northeast Jones JH
Josie Blue                     7       Flute                            Northeast Jones JH
Lynda Bazor                  8       Flute                            Perry Central JH
Dixie Pinkerton              7       Flute                            Quitman JH


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