JCJC Bobcat Math League ends regular season with an upset

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2014-10-23 15:57:04

ELLISVILLE – The final week of the regular season of Jones County Junior College’s Bobcat Math League ended with a huge upset in one of the divisions. The Pythagoras Division’s Perry Central led all season until now. Both Mt. Olive and Collins came away with wins changing the final ranking. The Pirates of Mt. Olive slaughtered the Bay Springs Bulldogs, 40-7 for the opportunity to steal the division top ranking and a first-time invitation to the playoffs. Collins had to get the win in their match with the former division leader, Perry Central to secure the lead for Mt. Olive. The Pirates will have a tough time in the post-season as the only team from the Pythagoras Division competing. They are the eighth seeded team in the final playoffs with a total of 165 points in the regular season.  The Tigers of Collins, with the home-field advantage, narrowly won, 28 to 26 to earn their first win of the season while also knocking off the division leader, the Perry Central Bulldogs. The Seminary Bulldogs managed to keep the Sylva-Bay Saints in their place with a close match win, 15-11. Without the division title, Perry Central lost the bid to the playoffs on November 5, at JCJC. The Bulldogs could have earned a wildcard spot in the final playoffs but they didn’t have enough first half cumulative points to earn the invitation.  
Three teams from the Newton Division have earned the right to compete in post-season action. Presbyterian Christian ended their perfect season by clobbering Lawrence County, 129 to 40. PCS ends the season with 488 total cumulative points and are the top seeded team in the playoffs. The Oak Grove Warriors earned a wild card bid with their slaughter of the Columbia Academy Cougars, 130 to 60. Oak Grove is second seeded in the final playoffs with 468 cumulative points on the season. The Sacred Heart Crusaders only competed in the written quiz or first half of competition this week and also earned a wild card invitation to the playoffs as the third seeded team with a total of 415 regular season points. Columbia Academy may have had more points than the bottom half of the League rankings with 305 total regular season points but the Cougars will miss out on post-season action this year because no more than three total teams from a division can qualify for the postseason, according to the BML Rules Committee.
“In seeding teams from the same division, priority was given to the respective teams’ positions in their division in the Final Standings. For two or more teams from different divisions, seeding’s were based upon regular season first half cumulative point totals with the tie-breakers being the same as those used for breaking a tie for a division. Wildcard teams are chosen based upon the total first half cumulative points and the win-loss record,” per the JCJC BML Rules Committee.
Columbia Academy may have lost out on competing in the post season but the Cougar’s Joel Hitt managed to outscore everyone in the League and is the Overall Most Outstanding Player and is an All-League Team member. Also making the All-League Team for the highest average individual regular season points is Matthew Gallardo of Sacred Heart, Cole Sisson of Oak Grove, Alicia Brown of PCS, Ruby Liang of Oak Grove, Nick Sciortino of Oak Grove, Key’Shawn Kennedy of Stringer, Jacob von Herrmann of PCS and Sam Lucas of PCS. 
The only team with five wins in the League is the South Jones Braves. They managed to fend off the Quitman Panthers in a close match this week, allowing the Braves to hold on to the division title and continue competing in the post-season. South Jones ran away with the win against Quitman, 48 to 43. The Braves’ racked up 234 points for the sixth seed in the playoffs while Quitman’s 210 total regular season points were not good enough for post-season play. The Wayne County War Eagles came back from their only loss in week four against the Braves to rout the Raleigh Lions in the final game. Wayne County whipped Raleigh, 69 to 36, keeping their post-season hopes alive by earning 306 points in the season and is the seventh seeded team. Raleigh had 194 total regular season points.
I am very pleased with my students’ performance against Raleigh. We have practiced working problems and I have seen the improvement. By this point, I pretty much know, during the buzzer round, who is going to answer which questions,” said Wayne County math coach, Dr. Marauo Davis. “We will be ready if we have to compete against South Jones again. We are a young, growing team. We will only get better.”  
Wayne County will draw from the experience of its three returning players: sophomore, Maggie Ford and seniors, Taylor Hathorn and Jamorious Smith for post-season action.
The Laurel Tornadoes blew the Heidelberg Academy Rebels out of the competition with a 38 to 5 victory. Heidelberg Academy had 53 total regular points and Laurel ends the season with 168 total points.
The Stringer Red Devils easily hammered the Taylorsville Tartars for the win and the division title. Stringer bumped Taylorsville to third place in the Einstein Division, as prevailing champions with an 89 to 57 score. The Red Devils’ regular season points of 419 land them in fourth place in the League’s playoff rankings. Northeast Jones snuck in as the second place team in the division after beating Taylorsville earlier in the season and earning a bid to the playoffs. The Tigers trampled the West Jones Mustangs at home this week, 91 to 26, ending the Mustangs season. Northeast Jones total regular season points of 351 put them in fifth place overall in the final playoffs. Richton participated only in the written test this week, picking up more points but ending their season in fourth place in the division with 253 regular season points overall.
For more information about the Bobcat Math League check out the web page at: http://www.jcjc.edu/bobcatmathleague/ or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bobcatmathleague.
Week 6 Results (Winners bold caps)                                                                      
Visitors                                                Home             
NE JONES                91                    West Jones               26
Taylorsville               57                    STRINGER               89
LAUREL                   38                    Heidelberg Acad         5
SOUTH JONES        48                    Quitman                    43
Raleigh                    36                    WAYNE CO               69
Columbia Acad         60                    OAK GROVE            130
Lawrence Co            40                    PCS                        129
MT OLIVE                 40                    Bay Springs                7
Perry Central            26                    COLLINS                 28
Sylva Bay                 11                    SEMINARY             15
Richton                       34        (1st half only)                         
Sacred Heart               52        (1st half only)                         
MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER                                              
Joel Hitt-Columbia Academy                                    
ALL-LEAGUE TEAM                                           
Joel Hitt-Columbia Academy                                    
Matthew Gallardo-Sacred Heart                                           
Cole Sisson-Oak Grove                                             
Alicia Brown-PCS                                         
Ruby Liang-Oak Grove                                             
Nick Sciortino-Oak Grove                                         
Key'Shawn Kennedy-Stringer                                               
Jacob von Herrmann-PCS                                          
Sam Lucas-PCS
EINSTEIN      W        L          Pct       CP       CP
x-Stringer        4          0          1.000   211      419
y-NE Jones      3          1          0.750   219      351
Taylorsville      2          2          0.500   157      268
Richton           1          3          0.250   162      253
West Jones      0          4          0.000   115      142
                                                            1st Half           Total
FIBONACCI             W        L          Pct       CP       CP
x-South Jones             5          0          1.000   122      234
y-Wayne Co                4          1          0.800   159      306
Quitman                      3          2          0.600   106      210
Raleigh                        2          3          0.400   138      194
Laurel                         1          4          0.200   98        168
Heidelberg Acad         0          5          0.000   43        53
                                                            1st Half           Total
NEWTON                   W        L          Pct       CP       CP
x-PCS                         4          0          1.000   249      488
y-Oak Grove               3          1          0.750   253      468
y-Sacred Heart            2          2          0.500   249      415
Columbia Acad           1          3          0.250   208      305
Lawrence Co   0          4          0.000   137      183
                                                            1st Half           Total
PYTHAGORAS         W        L          Pct       CP       CP
x-Mt Olive                  4          1          0.800   72        165
Perry Central               3.5       1.5       0.700   100      150
Seminary                     3          2          0.600   95        105
Bay Springs                 2          3          0.400   50        80
Sylva Bay                    1.5       3.5       0.300   63        102
Collins 1                      4          0.200   84        101
x-Division Winner                                                      
y-Wild Card                                                   


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