Yates Construction recruiting JCJC students

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2014-10-20 08:50:37

ELLISVILLE – Representatives from the Mississippi based construction company, Yates Construction spent the day recruiting about 250 Jones County Junior College students from various majors. Yates Construction Director of Corporate Training, Mike Farrar said the company first worked with the JCJC Workforce Development team and discovered, “Jones is on the cutting edge in industrial training. Today’s presentation introduces and educates students about the industry, and we hope to find those students graduating with skills and who are ready to work.” 
Skilled workers are in demand, especially welders for construction projects, said company representatives. Yates wants to be the first company JCJC student’s meet and hopefully find employment with to meet the growing needs. 
“We’re looking for a skill-set, like welding or pipefitting but we also look for other important things like communications skills. We need the total package and we offer continued training for our employees so we think we are a good fit for Jones students,” said Farrar. 
A lot of graduates have the skills but they are not sure how to get their “foot” in the door to work for a company like Yates, according to Farrar.  He has found that Jones’ instructors care and help their students by offering these types of opportunities.  
Farrar emphasized to the JCJC students, “This is not easy work. Safety is important to Jones and at Yates it’s our number-one core value. We build a culture of safety, wherever we are working. We are looking for the best of the best so push yourself to be the best and you’ll get recognized.”
Craft Training Manager at Yates Construction, Phillip Manning shared he started at Jones, graduated and began working at Yates. He said he is proof JCJC students can be successful in a company and on the jobsite. 

“Learn everything about your craft at Jones and beyond that, the opportunities are unbelievable out there. Yates offers more training. The (NCCER) Level 2 training you get at Jones is the highest level you can earn at a community college. Take advantage of your time at Jones and practice good work ethics,” said Manning.

JCJC sophomore drafting and design major, Travis Marshall said he likes the idea of traveling with the company, which could include sites across the U.S. and the company’s international locations.
“My uncle worked at Yates so I know there are a wide variety of opportunities and I like the fact safety is important to them.” The Oak Grove High School graduate added, “I also like the fact Yates is a family oriented company and the company prayed for our lunch today. That impressed me.”

Civil engineering major, Dakota Davis of Moselle shared his thoughts about his possible future at Yates.
“The company benefits are great. I hope to be able to design some buildings or roadways after I graduate from MSU.”
With the demand for skilled workers on the rise, Clay Hicks, Yates Construction human resource director and administrator stressed the company benefits have also increased to attract good employees.
“A lot of companies are in competition for skilled workers,” said Hicks. “The benefits have changed to better take care of the employees within Yates. We offer health coverage, dental, vision, a 401K, life insurance and job mentoring and training.”  
He added that the NCCER credentials, or industry standards, earned through Yates are “portable.” Another popular benefit to some of Yates’ employees according to Hicks is the ability to make your own schedule.  That raised a few eyebrows amongst the JCJC students majoring in welding, drafting and design to engineering. Hicks said the hunters really like that employee benefit.


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