Upsets continue to shake up the JCJC Bobcat Math League division rankings

Written By: Teresa McCreery
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Date Submitted: 2014-10-09 14:10:49

ELLISVILLE – Three of the four divisions’ rankings have changed this week because of big upsets, including South Jones taking the division title away from Wayne County. In the fourth week of the Jones County Junior College Bobcat Math League’s regular season, South Jones continued to knock off contenders to climb to the top of the Fibonacci Division. The Braves of South Jones snatched the lead away from the War Eagles of Wayne County who have been division leaders from the start of the season. The Braves slaughtered the War Eagles with a commanding, 72 to 51, victory on the South Jones Reservation and remain undefeated.  
“We knew at the beginning of the season that we had to beat them (Wayne County) to advance. Last year we were very close and ended up losing to them on the last question,” said South Jones Math Coach, Thomas Hinkle. “What impressed me most was that everyone contributed in the buzzer round and we were very confident with our answers. That was something we had been lacking in previous weeks.”
The Quitman Panthers’ win against the Heidelberg Academy Rebels, who are struggling to find a win, help keep Quitman in third place as Quitman pounced all over Heidelberg Academy, 48 to 6. The Raleigh Lions came back from a defeat against Quitman last week to win this weeks’ match against the Laurel Tornadoes, 46 to 37, to keep in fourth place.
With the end of the season nearing, Presbyterian Christian High School’s crushing blow to the Oak Grove Warriors’ perfect season, means PCS remains the undefeated division leaders. The PCS Bobcats thrashed the Oak Grove Warriors, 101 to 85. Sacred Heart delivered a big upset this week after coming off of a loss to Oak Grove in week three. The Crusaders take the third place spot in the Newton Division by picking off the Columbia Academy Cougars, 89 to 75, and dashing the Cougars’ rise to the top. Lawrence County earned 34 points in the written test, remaining in the bottom spot.     
Joel Hitt from Columbia Academy continues to dominate in the individual point’s competition and remains “The Most Outstanding Player” for the second week in a row with a 97.5 percent average. Alicia Brown from PCS and Sacred Hearts’ Matthew Gallardo, move up a notch from last week with their improved average score of 95percent, tying for second place.  With an average of 93.33 percent, Oak Groves’ Cole Sisson drops from second place to tie with Nick Sciortino in fourth place. Sciortino moved up this week, reappearing in the standings from week two of the competition. Four players tied with a 90 percent average.
Stringer only competed in the written test, earning 43 points to keep their division leader status. The Northeast Jones Tigers pulled off a big upset in week four, after a whipping from Stringer last week. The Northeast Jones Tigers take back the second place spot from the Taylorsville Tartars with a 78 to 64 showdown. Richton routs West Jones to keep the fourth place spot. The Rebels win with a 73 to 28 stomping of the Mustangs.
The Pythagoras Division saw no changes this week as Perry Central remains on top with a win against Bay Springs, 25 to 17. Mt. Olive’s pirates stole any hope the Seminary Bulldogs’ had of making the play offs with a 28 to 20 victory. The Saints of Sylva Bay walloped the Tigers of Collins with another crushing defeat. Sylva Bay scored 30 points to Collins’ 10 points to keep in fifth place of the division.
Next week, the League will take a break and return to action October 20. For more information about the Bobcat Math League check out the web page at: or on Facebook at:
Week 5 Matches – (None because of Fall Break)
Week 6 Matches (All 4:30 PM)                                
NE Jones @ West Jones                     Mon 10/20      
Taylorsville @ Stringer                       Mon 10/20      
Laurel @ Heidelberg Acad                  Mon 10/20      
South Jones @ Quitman                    Mon 10/20      
Raleigh vs Wayne Co @ JCJC             Mon 10/20      
Columbia Acad @ Oak Grove             Tue 10/21       
Lawrence Co @ PCS                         Tue 10/21       
Mt Olive @ Bay Springs                    Tue 10/21       
Perry Central @ Collins                     Tue 10/21       
Sylva Bay @ Seminary                     Tue 10/21       
1st Half Only:             Richton          Mon 10/20      
                                Sacred Heart   Tue 10/21       
MOP LEADERS (min 2 matches)                                                  
1          Joel Hitt-Columbia Academy             97.50%
2          Alicia Brown-PCS                              95.00%
            Matthew Gallardo-Sacred Heart                                           
4          Nick Sciortino-Oak Grove                  93.33%
            Cole Sisson-Oak Grove                     
6          4 players tied                                 90.00%
Week 4 Results (Winners bold caps)                                                                   
Visitors                                               Home             
Taylorsville                  64                    NE JONES                78
West Jones                  28                    RICHTON                 73
Heidelberg Acad            6                     QUITMAN                48
RALEIGH                    46                    Laurel                      37
Wayne Co                    51                    SOUTH JONES        72
SACRED HEART          89                    Columbia Acad           75
PCS                            101                  Oak Grove                  85
Collins                         10                    SYLVA BAY               30
Seminary                     20                    MT OLIVE                28
Bay Springs                 17                    PERRY CENTRAL     25
Stringer                       43        (1st half only)                         
Lawrence Co               34        (1st half only)             
                                              1st Half           Total
EINSTEIN       W          L          Pct       CP       CP
Stringer          3          0          1.000   167      330
NE Jones         2          1          0.667   171      260
Taylorsville      2          1          0.667   128      211
Richton           1          3          0.250   128      219
West Jones      0          3          0.000   94        116
                                                1st Half           Total
FIBONACCI      W        L          Pct       CP       CP
South Jones     4        0          1.000   96        186
Wayne Co        3        1          0.750   126      237
Quitman          3        1          0.750   87        167
Raleigh            2        2          0.500   109      158
Laurel              0        4          0.000   85        130
Heidelberg Acad 0      4          0.000   38         48
                                                1st Half           Total
NEWTON       W        L            Pct       CP       CP
PCS               3         0          1.000   198      359
Oak Grove      2         1          0.667   198      338
Sacred Heart   2         2          0.500   197      363
Columbia Acad 1        2          0.333   162      245
Lawrence Co   0         3          0.000   109      143
                                                1st Half           Total
PYTHAGORAS   W        L          Pct       CP        CP
Perry Central   3.5       0.5       0.875   84        124
Mt Olive          3          1          0.750   59        125
Seminary         2          2          0.500   80        90
Bay Springs     2          2          0.500   43        73
Sylva Bay        1.5       2.5       0.375   57        91
Collins             0          4          0.000   61        73


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