JCJC students learn from “Master” tuba & euphonium performer, Tucker Jolly

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2014-10-06 06:56:37

ELLISVILLE – Five music students had the rare opportunity to get a private lesson from a “Master” musician. Internationally and nationally known tuba and euphonium performer and professor emeritus on the brass instruments, Tucker Jolly took time to give some tips to four JCJC music students and a high school student. Following his recent concert at JCJC, Jolly invited Simone Johnson of Oak Grove, Sam Cruz of Pensacola, Daniel McAllister of North Forrest, Doby Herring of Waynesboro and Leah Dueitt of Neely to perform and receive instruction from the retired University of Akron, Ohio professor of music. Freshman JCJC student, Simone Johnson said she received some helpful information in her “Master Class.”
“The most helpful advice that I gained from Mr. Jolly is to learn to breath. Sounds weird because we all know how to breathe, but learning to breathe in between the phrases of my music takes practice. It makes a lot of difference to breathe correctly especially when playing tuba,” Johnson said. She added, “Being a music major is hard. It takes a lot of practice; a lot a lot of practice. My favorite part about this experience was listening to a professional tuba player. It really inspires me to practice even harder to get to the level that Mr. Jolly is on.”
JCJC Director of Bands, Dr. Jonathan Helmick invited Jolly to perform and give a masterclass because as one of his former students, Helmick knew his students would greatly benefit.
“Tucker Jolly is a once in a lifetime teacher, as they say. This will be something that our students remember for the rest of their professional careers,” said Dr. Helmick.
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