JCJC alumnus reveals gift to college to honor his wife

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2014-08-26 10:07:02

ELLISVILLE – A man’s love for his wife of 54-years and the college that “spring-boarded” him to success led to the creation of a special place for Jones County Junior College students. Moselle native and current Fitzgerald, Georgia resident, Sidney “Buck” Anderson recently revealed “Libby Anderson Plaza Park” at a special ceremony at JCJC. His wife Libby and college representatives were overjoyed to be the benefactors of a sanctuary created by one of its alumni. 

“I cried,” said Libby Anderson. “When Buck told me about his plans I just cried. This is a beautiful place outside of Anderson Hall. I hope students will be inspired,” said Libby Anderson, whose husband wanted to show his appreciation to his wife. 

Buck Anderson also wanted to support the college that has always meant so much to him. He was a member of the legendary undefeated JCJC football team that played in the Jr. Rose Bowl in California against a segregated team. The 1957 JCJC graduate earned a football scholarship during tough financial times for his family. Since retiring ten years ago, Anderson has actively found ways to show Jones how much his college education has meant to him and his family. 

“My wife and I delight in watching others enjoy our gifts to the college. We want to sit back and watch students enjoy this sanctuary as they think about their future,” said Anderson who graduated from Petal High School in 1956. 

As students pass by the back side of Anderson Hall and weave their way through campus, they will have a place to rest on the benches or enjoy the swings. Mr. Anderson special ordered the live oak tree as well as the many crepe myrtle trees and plants that add beauty to the new campus haven. This is just one of many gifts Anderson has given to the college that will live on for many generations. As an avid gardener, there’s evidence of his “green thumb” throughout the Ellisville campus. He has also offered his business expertise and time to launch a capital fundraising campaign through the JCJC Foundation Inc. in 1999.

“Thanks to the Andersons…we have a beautiful park area to match our beautiful home. We appreciate their support and help in making Jones a better and even more beautiful home to so many of us,” said Lindsay Miller who lives in the dormitory named after the Anderson’s and is the Student Government Association president. “The fact that they have extended their generosity to the generations after their own time here is a testament in itself. I hope students now and the students after our time can learn from their example and keep bettering Jones for future students as well. We are proud to be a part of the Bobcat Family with people like the Andersons.”

Anderson also left his wife a gift in the garden as an expression of his love and support for the mother of their three children. A bronze plaque with his wife Libby’s picture and a note expressing his wishes for JCJC students and appreciation for his wife will forever inspire future generations.

“I didn’t realize (Buck) would be my future when he sat next to me in class at Northeast Louisiana University in 1957,” said Libby Anderson. “I just can’t tell you what this Park, named after me, means to me and what Jones means to both of us.”

JCJC alumna and Board President of the JCJC Foundation Inc., Robin Robinson was also deeply touched by Anderson’s gift to the college in honor of his wife. 

“Buck and Libby are not just buildings and swings. They’re so much more than that. They give of their time, talent and money at every opportunity. I want to thank them for all they do to help young people across several states. I had tears in my eyes as I read the plaque. All gentlemen need to copy it!” said Robinson. 

The plaque reads: As an expression of my appreciation to you for all the support you have given me as we have raised our three children, grandchild, and many nieces and nephews during our more than fifty years of marriage, I am dedicating this, the Libby Anderson Plaza Park, to you. It is my hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our labor as we enjoy watching others use and appreciate this little sanctuary. In the years to come, may those who pause in the quietness of this park be inspired by this gift and the peacefulness of this place. It is my hope they will treasure it as much as I treasure you. With all my love and appreciation, S. S. “Buck” Anderson, Jr. 


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