GE Aviation hires four JCJC students for the summer

Written By: Teresa McCreery
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Date Submitted: 2014-06-17 11:21:12

ELLISVILLE- For the first time this summer, General Electric Aviation based in Ellisville has hired local college interns with four of the five students coming from Jones County Junior College. Three sophomore engineering majors, Ike Armour of Laurel, Blake Holifield of Laurel and Elizabeth Wright of Gautier, with machining major and freshmen, Connor Dolbear of Richton will be doing various projects for the corporate giant over the next two months.
“This is an incredible opportunity and it’s awesome to work for a company that’s a household name,” said Holifield, who began his 12-week paid internship May 19.
GE Aviation’s Human Resources Manager, Rebecca Bechtold said the interns will be doing work on real projects that may afford them an opportunity for part-time or full-time jobs in the future. Each student is assigned a mentor who evaluates their performance and work. The interns are also encouraged to work on projects of interest to them and additional projects are available too. 
The bottom line, Bechtold said, “It’s all about learning. We hope they have a robust experience working together with our employees. The GE philosophy is to hire from within and this could be the first opportunity to grow with the company.”
Being partners with JCJC and USM, Bechtold said she is confident the pipeline of talented students will continue to flourish and flow through GE Aviation. JCJC’s physics and engineering instructor, Mary Boleware said Jones students are lucky to have GE Aviation as a neighbor.
“I’ve seen an increase in the number of students majoring in engineering and with GEA offering internships our students could get a unique experience. GEA will also have the first chance to meet top JCJC students before they transfer to a university,” said Boleware.
The student interns work autonomously with job responsibilities, goals and deadlines. Bechtold, who started at GE as an intern herself, boasts of the many benefits of interning at GE.
“In Connor Dolbear’s case, this internship will allow him to continue to grow, go back to the classroom and possibly continue his internship part time if his academic schedule allows. This experience for the three JCJC graduates should help them determine which area of engineering skills they will develop as their career and receive practical experience in the field.”
Dolbear said he is hopeful his internship turns into a full-time job because it’s been a great experience so far. The three JCJC students all agree interning at GE Aviation will help them decide which field of engineering they want to specialize in as they get a better understanding of the opportunities the engineering industry can offer them as graduates.
“As I did my research on GE Aviation, I realized the exposure working for them could give me an experience I would not get anywhere else in this area. Working here will help build my knowledge in a professional atmosphere as well as the technical side of things. Whether or not the internship opens the door for me to work for GE in the future, I know other companies respect large corporations like GE and will give me credit for working there,” said Armour.
For Wright, building parts of an airplane is an exciting experience she said she will treasure as a mechanical engineering major. 
“This internship will greatly broaden my engineering horizons. I am very humbled to work with a company as large as GE and to be one of five college interns is amazing!” said Wright. “I really enjoy the people here the most. They all have such passion and joy for what they do, and it makes for a great work environment.”
Bechtold explained the transferring JCJC graduates will be positioned to apply for the corporate internships next summer which is another chance to learn the operations and management side of the company and prepare for full time job prospects.  By the end of the summer, the future for these JCJC students will be a lot brighter.


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