Former Governor Palin rallies support for JCJC alumnus & state senator Chris McDaniel

Written By: Teresa McCreery
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Date Submitted: 2014-05-30 18:02:19

ELLISVILLE – She has supported him from the beginning of his campaign to the bitter end. Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin made a stop in Ellisville, Mississippi to rally supporters for State Senator Chris McDaniel’s, U.S. Senate Republican primary election on June third. 
“I will do whatever I can do to help the cause of positive change for Mississippi,” said Palin before a large crowd nearly filling an auditorium at Jones County Junior College. “It’s insane to assume we will get any different results by re-electing the same old guard. The appeasement doctrine…policies that dug us deep into debt, with no end in sight are not fair to our children….We can’t re-elect the same people who got us into this problem,” said Palin.
As the estimated 1,100 people raised their campaign signs, Palin continued to stir the crowd’s emotions by cheering, “He knows the status quo has got to go!”
She explained to supporters Chris McDaniel is running for the right reason or she wouldn’t be here today. Laurel resident, Connie Rowland said she has done her research and has supported McDaniel before. Palin’s visit however, has impressed her.
“Politicians can’t convince me because they will say anything. But when you have others, like Palin who has done her homework on McDaniel, I’d say Chris is true to his word.”
JCJC student and Marine vet, Madison DeLoach of Ellisville said he wanted to come to today’s McDaniel rally to see Palin in person.
“I support Chris. I believe in his policy of small government and less taxes. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see Palin in person either. I think McDaniel will blow out Cochran because his negative ads have helped McDaniel’s campaign be more successful,” said DeLoach.
McDaniel was met with rousing applause and a standing ovation when Palin introduced the next U.S. Senator who will be part of the promised reinforcements in Washington, D.C.
Palin told the audience, “McDaniel has a steward’s heart and that’s what we need in Mississippi. We promised Ted Cruz we’d send reinforcements.”
The JCJC alumnus and Ellisville native reminisced about spending time in the very auditorium where he roamed the aisles as a kid, when his father taught at Jones. Then he quickly shared his vision for Washington as its newest Senator.
“Our constitution is not subject to compromise and I’ve got 17.5 trillion reasons to never again compromise on the debt and yet we stand fighting, who I consider to be the worst president in our country’s history, in this environment where our conservative values and beliefs are being attacked. The constitution is being degraded.”
McDaniel said he’s ready to stand with Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, Utah Senator, Mike Lee and Kentucky’s Rand Paul to fight for the conservative reform agenda.
“Name one fight that Senator Thad Cochran has led against President Obama,” said McDaniel as the crowd answered, “Zero!”   He continued, “In the most conservative state in the republic to be led by silence is truly unfortunate.”
Listing Cochran’s ineffective service record like voting 13 times in the last 10 years to raise the debt ceiling, McDaniel told the audience, “We need to get ahold of the federal debt. We are spending too much money. Your country is 17.5 trillion in debt with 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities….If the position of the republican party of the state of Mississippi is to keep sending Thad Cochran back to Washington so he can keep spending my son’s money, then we truly are a lost country.”
He wrapped up the nearly hour-long rally with an invitation to join him on June third to vote in the U.S. Senate Republican primary.  
“With your help, we’re about to change the entire history of this country. You can make a difference and call your friends, because all the way from Ellisville, Mississippi, Washington, D.C. is trembling right now.”


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