JCJC offering Mid-term Mini Session Courses

Written By: Teresa McCreery
Email Address: teresa.mccreery@jcjc.edu
Date Submitted: 2014-02-14 15:01:25

ELLISVILLE- Jones County Junior College is offering 10 mid-term mini-session courses.   Classes will be either online or traditional lecture format and will begin March 19, through May 15.  Students may begin registering February 25, for these courses through the JCJC Student Success Center. The last day to register is March 20, 2014.
Tuition for mini-session courses for current full-time students is included except for any fees associated with the class and the book.  For students not currently enrolled at Jones or part time JCJC students, tuition is $120 per credit hour in addition to books and fees associated with the course. For questions concerning tuition and fees, contact Student Accounts at 601-477-4225.
Spring 2014 Mid-term Mini Session Courses include:
BAD 2523—Personal Financial Management (Online), Class#2248, Instructor: Dusty Holifield. 
Course description: This course deals with an individual’s optimal management of personal income and expenditures over a lifetime to best meet the needs of his/her financial objectives.  The course focuses on the areas of budgeting, insurance, borrowing and credit purchases, home ownership, investment, taxes and family financial planning.  3 semester hours credit.
BIO 2524—Anatomy and Physiology II (Hybrid), Class#2256, Instructor: Jeremiah Estes.
Face-to Face Meetings on SATURDAY March 22, 29; April 5, 12, 19, 26; May 3, 10.
Pre-requisite: ACT score of 21 on science component or BIO 1134 or 1144 or CHE 1214 or admission to health-related program at JCJC or permission of instructor.
Course description:  A combined lecture and laboratory course that includes detailed studies of the anatomy and physiology of human endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic & immune, respiratory, digestive, and urinary systems, as well as reproduction and development.  Labs associated with this course contain experiments and exercises that reinforce the principles introduced in lecture classes.  Four semester hours credit.
CSC 1123—Computer Applications I (Online), Class #2247, Instructor: David Ray. 
Pre-requisite:  Typing or keyboarding skills.  This course is designed to teach computer applications to include: word-processing, electronic spreadsheet, database management, presentation design, and electronic communications. 3 semester hours credit.
ENG 2413—World Literature (Online), Class #2249, Instructor:  David Lowery. 
Course description:  Survey of World Literature. Prerequisite:  ENG 1113. Survey of literature from the ancient world through the Twentieth Century.  3 semester hours credit.
HIS 1123—Western Civilization II (Online), Class #2246, Instructor: Ms. Jacquelyn Canizaro.  
Course description:  A general survey of European History since the 17th Century.  3 semester hours credit. 
HPR 1223—Personal and Community Health II (Online), Class #2250, Instructor:  Katie Herrington. 
Course description:  A continuation of HPR 1213 that is designed to give students information on how to avoid or overcome habits that jeopardize or destroy one’s health, happiness, or health, happiness, and life.  3 semester hours credit.
LLS 1312—Freshman Orientation (Online), Class #2251, Instructor: Emileigh Sones. .
Course description:  This course is designed to help the new college student adjust to college life.  It includes a study of personal and social adjustments.  It teaches effective study habits, reading methods, use of the library, note taking and report writing, and gives the student guidance in collegiate life.  2 semester hours credit
MAT 1233—Intermediate Algebra (TRADITIONAL LECTURE meeting every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:00pm-3:30pm, Math Building Room 127, beginning Thursday,  March 20th through May 15th), Class # 2252, Instructor: Margaret James
Pre-requisite:  MAT 0123 with a grade of C or higher or ACT math score of 16 – 18.
Course description:  The course topics include linear equations and their graphs; inequalities and number line graphs; rational expressions; factoring; laws of exponents; radicals; polynomials. 3 semester hours credit.
MAT 1313—College Algebra (TRADITIONAL LECTURE meeting every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:00pm-3:30pm, beginning Thursday, March 20, through May 15), Class #2253, Instructor: Kerri Pippin
Pre-requisite:  MAT 1233 with a grade of C or higher or ACT math score of 19 or above.
Course description:  The course topics include inequalities; functions; linear and quadratic equations; circles and their graphs; rational, radical and higher-order equations; applications; polynomials and rational functions; logarithmic and exponential functions; systems of equations. 3 semester hours credit.
MUS 1113—Music Appreciation (Online), Class #2254, Instructor: Dr. Victoria Johnson.
Course description: A course designed to give the student, through listening and written work, the ability to understand, appreciate, and evaluate music of Western Culture. 3 semester hours credit.


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